Online games: should I always use cable or can I use Wi-Fi?

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Online games present a very important difference compared to local games, and that is that their performance, and therefore the user experience that we are going to enjoy, it depends on two big keys: the raw performance offered by our computer or console, and the speed, quality and stability of our Internet connection.

This means that having a very powerful PC or console does not guarantee that your online games will work correctly. There is no use having a state-of-the-art PC to move online games if our connection has a high latency, a speed below the minimum necessary or a very poor stability.

Obviously, it also happens The same in reverse, If we do not meet the requirements at the hardware level, we will not be able to optimally move the titles we want to run. Power and Internet connection are, therefore, two basic pillars whose importance is indisputable if we want to enjoy our favorite online games.

Online games: is it true that I can only play well by cable?

As we said at the beginning of the article, online games need a good internet connection to offer an optimal experience. It is not necessary to have a very high connection speed, but it is essential that it is stable and of quality.

All this has an explanation, and that is that when we play online no operations that consume large amounts of bandwidth are performed in short periods of time, but there are uninterrupted back and forth movements that must be completed in the shortest possible time so that we do not have problems.

Let’s dig a little deeper into this matter so that you understand it the first time. When you are playing online and taking, for example, the action of shooting an enemy, se send the action from your PC to the destination server which is responsible for managing the online mode of the game to which you are connected. This server analyzes the action, and sends a signal back to your team and that of the player you have attacked in the game.

All this process entails sending and receiving a series of packages, a task that must be completed within specified time frames. If our connection is not stable and packages are lost, or if they do not have a good quality and we have delays (latency) in sending them, our actions will be delayed, and we may end up living the entire game in delayed mode. In extreme cases, the normal thing is that the connection is completely lost.

To ensure a good experience, some players believe that it is only feasible to use a wired connection, that is, it is best to connect the router to our equipment (PC, console, laptop, etc.) by cable, since it is a more stable option that is not affected by problems such as distance and environmental interference. .

It is true that a Wi-Fi connection can easily lose quality and stability if it encounters obstacles or if it has to travel long distances, and that it is best to use a wired connection, whenever possible. However, Wi-Fi 5 connections have reduced the problem of interference and loss of stability, even over relatively “long” distances, and they have become a good option to enjoy our favorite online games in cases where we cannot pull the cable.

I can assure you, from my own experience, that I enjoy online gaming via Wi-Fi is a perfectly viable option, provided that three minimum conditions are met:

  • We should not be too far from the router.
  • Nor should there be many obstacles between our equipment and the router.
  • It is important to use the 5 GHz band (Wi-Fi 5) to minimize the impact of interference.

In my case, I have a PC connected to the router via cable and a PS4 connected to the router via Wi-Fi AC, and I have not had the slightest problem. It is true that the download speeds that I register on my PC are higher, but all the games that I have enjoyed in online mode on my PS4 have worked perfectly, no lag and no stability issues.

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