Microsoft Edge password manager will allow you to edit credentials

Contraseñas de Microsoft Edge

The Microsoft Edge password manager has just received a novelty that at the moment can only be tried by users of the Canary version, the one used by the developers of the web browser to introduce the changes that later, once they have been polished, will reach the bulk of users in the stable version. And that novelty is none other than the option of edit stored passwords.

It may seem like a minor issue, but given that the vast majority of users use the web browser as a repository for their passwords, any improvement in this regard is always welcome. It is being noticed in recent times, in which credential management is being one of the focuses of improvement in the most popular web browsers on the market.

Without reaching the level of what Firefox has done with Lockwise, but not what Google is doing with Chrome, Microsoft is going that way with Edge, as shown by the latest update that the web browser has received. The Microsoft Edge password manager will allow you to edit the information of the stored credentials, including site url, username and password itself.

With this little change, the Microsoft Edge password manager will facilitate the work of the user, who until now had to completely delete the credentials associated with a site, to recreate them. Basic functionality in every way – it doesn’t sound like much, but that is precisely why it is essential for productivity with the web browser.

Microsoft Edge password manager | Image: MSPoweruser

One functionality, this one from the Microsoft Edge password edition, which is inherited directly from the one implemented by Google in Chromium and Chrome a few months ago. And it was not the only one: in the style of the aforementioned Firefox Lockwise, which in turn relies on the traditional functions of dedicated password managers, Chrome also implemented the password strength check.

Will this latest feature come to Microsoft Edge? Well, it is more than possible, and as I said, the issue of passwords is moving a lot in web browsers and Microsoft is putting a lot of effort in improving Edge, completing it with new features slowly but surely.

That said, with a little interest you put in it, it is always better to opt for a dedicated password manager, where you will find all these functionalities and many more.



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