Xbox: Bethesda games might not make it to PS5

Xbox: los juegos de Bethesda podrían no llegar a PS5

Since Microsoft bought Zenimax, one of the main questions has been whether Microsoft would use this purchase in favor of Xbox and, therefore, against Sony. A dilemma in which, as almost always happens, it looks like the final decision will be made based on the numbers. More specifically, those related to the return of the huge investment made by Microsoft to acquire ownership of Bethesda, Id Software and Obsidian, a total of $ 7.5 billion.

And today we read, in TweakTown, which Phil Spencer, Microsoft’s chief gaming officer, confirms that hethe arrival of Bethesda titles on PS5 is a prerogative that corresponds exclusively to the company, not a decision that may be imposed on you by third parties. Thus, we once again see as feasible the possibility that some of the great titles of the three companies reach PC and Xbox, but not the Sony console.

«This deal was not made to take games away from another player base in that way. Nowhere in the documentation we gathered was: ‘How can we prevent other players from playing these games?’ We want more people to play, not fewer people to play […] But I’ll also say … when I think about where people are going to play and how many devices we had, and we have xCloud and PC and Game Pass and our console base. We don’t have to ship those games to any platform other than the one we support for the deal to work for us.. »

So what is Microsoft going to do? ¿Choose to maximize title saless, making them accessible to all platforms, or use it to strengthen its catalog of exclusives (one of their weak points against Sony), making them only available for Xbox and PC? Additionally, this would also be an important reinforcement for Game Pass, a model that just a few days ago we were considering its viability.

Obviously, the key lies in the effort that Microsoft is willing to put up with to try to tip the balance of the next generation on the Xbox side. In the short term, there is no doubt that keeping titles on all platforms would generate more revenue for Microsoft, but ignoring the swell of the new generation war would be, from a purely economic point of view, a bit short-term. And the fact is that, with Xbox, Microsoft has been betting on the long term for years, and it would be strange if now, at this point, it changed its attitude.

Now, what would it mean that the Bethesda & Cia. Titles will only reach PC and Xbox? Well, without a doubt, bad news for players. All that is to force users to choose one platform or another to enjoy certain content is to make the market a little smaller. And whenever I mention this, there are those who tell me that it is the same that happens with Netflix, HBO, etc., but it is not like that. To resemble it, it would have to happen that each of these services only worked on televisions from certain manufacturers.



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