The Google search engine can find songs just by humming or whistling

Buscador de Google IA canciones tarareadas y silbadas

How often we’ve had a melody stuck in our heads, harassing us for days without being able to remember what song it is. A situation that the Google search engine finally promises to solve for us. No, for the moment we will still not be able to search for songs with a simple «tara tara ta taaaa tara tara ta«, But we can sing it.

From now on we can access the search application on our mobile and ask «Ok Google, what song is this?« for later simply hum, hum or whistle the tune we want to find. And is that the last function «Hum to Search» It will allow us to make use of a machine learning algorithm and the artificial intelligence of the search engine to identify possible matches between its base with millions of songs without the need to know any lyrics, artist name or title of the composition.

Once the process is complete, the Google search engine it will show us the most probable options according to the melody, as well as a selection of options to further explore the song or artist, view accompanying music videos, search for lyrics, and how not to open the song in any of the available music applications.

According to Google, this function is already available with the update of the mobile application, available only in English for iOS and in more than 20 languages ​​on Android (not specified at the moment), although the company hopes to continue expanding it to the rest of the regions in the future.

But this will not be the only way to make use of this function, since Google has also announced that it is also integrating it into its voice assistant, thus expanding its capabilities to its smart speakers.

How can Google search for a song just by humming it?

With a system similar to Shazam or Soundhound, the idea of ​​Google has gone beyond the fact of comparing the own musical line. And it is that the melody of a song is like the fingerprint, each one has its own unique identity.

So our hummed melodies will pass by a machine learning model that transforms them into a number sequence. In addition, the algorithms also remove all other details, such as the backing instruments and the timbre and pitch of the voice, leaving only the number sequence of the song.

Trained with a variety of sources including studio recordings and humans singing, whistling and humming, Google has created an artificial intelligence that «is based on the work of music recognition technology from our artificial intelligence research team. We launched Now Playing on Pixel 2 in 2017, using deep neural networks to bring low-power music recognition to mobile devices. In 2018, we added the same technology to the SoundSearch feature of the Google app and expanded the reach to a catalog of millions of songs. This new experience goes one step further«.



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