Samsung and Xiaomi trolled Apple for the iPhone 12 charger

The iPhone 12 charger continues to talk … And the headphones. Apple’s decision not to include these components in its new generation of smartphones and to extend the strategy to previous series that did originally offer them as the iPhone 11, has raised a wide media dust. As expected, the criticisms have reached the Internet, including those of the rest of the manufacturers as a joke.

Apple’s decision is controversial. The Cupertino firm has motivated the decision for sustainability and ecology, in an effort to turn the company into a 100% carbon neutral company by 2030. However, there are not a few who think that above that what has prevailed are commercial reasons. We are strong supporters of controlling the serious problem of electronic waste and the reduction of accessories is a step forward along with other strategies such as the right to repair, but if the motives are commercial, the controversy is served.

And that seems to be the case. Apple could not raise the prices of iPhone 12 if it wanted to maintain sales levels at a time of decline in the mobile sector and with a COVID-19 pandemic that, in addition to health, will have serious economic consequences for consumers around the world. Considering that the construction of the iPhone 12 has increased manufacturing costs To add 5G support (chips and antennas are very expensive), the LiDAR sensor or OLED panels in all models was a matter of simple math: you had to save on other components.

Apple does include a Lightning to USB Type C cable to avoid fines and to be able to maintain its connector, not very sustainable considering the environment the use of proprietary technologies, but that is another question. Of course, Apple sells you chargers to connect to the cable, MagSafe accessories for wireless charging (which uses twice the energy), wired and wireless headphones, as long as you go to checkout. Speaking of boxes, the supposed savings in the iPhone 12 packaging are blurred when you buy chargers or headphones separately. With its separate box …

The iPhone 12 charger

Competitors have not missed the occasion to criticize Apple’s decision. «Good morning #MiFans, today we dreamed that our smartphones came without a charger in the box. Fortunately it was just a nightmare »says Xiaomi on Twitter.

In another message, take the opportunity to promote its top of the range: “Don’t worry, we don’t leave anything out of the box with the Mi 10T Pro”:

Samsung is another that has entered the criticism with a message whose photograph with a charger (included with your Galaxy) leaves no doubt where the message is going: «Your Galaxy gives you what you want. From a charger, to the best camera, battery, performance, memory and even 120 Hz screen in a smartphone »:

We will save these messages for posterity, because it is speculated that other manufacturers could follow the same strategy as Apple and eliminate the charger and headphones in future smartphone launches.

Headphones: mandatory in France

In a related newsApple will have to include EarPods with a Lightning connector if it wants to sell the iPhone 12 in France due to the country’s electromagnetic radiation laws that require a wired model to be delivered. France will be the only country where Apple thus distributes its terminals.

Another era ends. Despite the external and internal changes, there have been three components in the iPhone marketing that have remained unchanged since its launch in 2007: a charger, a wired headset and a white box to include them with the smartphone. What do you think of Apple’s decision?


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