Obsolete drivers: why is Windows showing them now?

Drivers obsoletos: ¿por qué Windows los muestra ahora?

What’s the point of Windows showing outdated drivers in the updates available for the system for a while? At first it sounds like a technical glitch, but it’s strange, right? That is, doesn’t Microsoft monitor the items that are displayed in the list of updates available to users? The truth is that they do and, although at first it may seem strange, the presence of obsolete drivers in that list has a reason for being, a reason that makes perfect sense, and once you know it, surely you will also be fine.

The problem is that Microsoft’s policy on this has not been as adequate as it should be, which has led to confusion for many users. And this is not a personal opinion, but something that the company itself has assumed. But before getting into that, the first thing is to know the reason, and how we can read today on Windows Latest, is none other than providing safe drivers for those users who need them.

For you to understand it better, surely on some occasion it has happened to you that you have updated a driver to the most recent version and, due to a problem in it, the device has stopped working correctly or has even caused general failures in the system. And the problem is that, sometimes it is difficult to revert the driver to the previous version, so solving this problem ends up being a lot more complicated than it should. This is where outdated drivers and their usefulness come into play.

The problem is that, as they appear in the list of available updates, although classified as optional, many users can choose to install them without reviewing their information, thus replacing the current drivers with obsolete ones without any need for it. And I say they do it if they don’t read the information on them, because the publication date indicated on some of these drivers is 1968. Not all of them, some have the real date (which is not current), but Microsoft has changed the date of some of those obsolete drivers, as is evident.

The confusion is even greater because this function was previously in the Windows Device Manager, and it was not until recently that it was removed from its original location, to be placed in Windows Update. Anyway, in statements to the medium, Microsoft claims to understand the confusion of the users, and that alreadyThey are considering the improvements they can make to the user interface so that the outdated drivers stop appearing as one more update and, in this way, they are only installed by the users who really need them.



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