YouTube to remove videos with false information about the COVID-19 vaccine

Youtube prohíbe desinformación vacuna covid-19

With a global pandemic still far from being controlled, the efforts of scientists around the world continue to advance by leaps and bounds towards what could be the first effective vaccine against COVID-19. However, this scenario between laboratories has provided the perfect excuse for many start spreading false information about the disease on social media, with videos on YouTube, posts on Facebook and Twitter, and a host of chains on WhatsApp.

Luckily these platforms are taking action on the matter, assuming responsibility for their position to try to censor content that may endanger public health. «A COVID-19 vaccine may be imminent, therefore we make sure we have the right policies in order to eliminate erroneous information related to a COVID-19 vaccine«Shared Farshad Shadloo, YouTube spokesperson.

And it is that although YouTube has already demonetized the videos in which anti-vaccine movements were promoted in 2019, today it has returned to update your disinformation policies with new specific rules for COVID-19, directly banning and removing posts in which it falsely suggests that the coronavirus does not exist or is not contagious and dangerous, as well as those that discourage users from seeking conventional medical care, and any content that contradicts information from health experts or the Organization World Health.

In fact, YouTube claims that since February has already deleted more than 200,000 videos that contained misleading or dangerous information about the coronavirus and COVID-19. In the future, YouTube plans to introduce additional measures that will promote credible information about COVID-19 vaccines.

This measure is in addition to the recently announced new ad policies of Facebook, which has chosen to prohibit those ads that discourage vaccination. Although unfortunately these restrictions will not apply to advertisements promoted on government policies on vaccines, nor to organic publications of any user or group within their social network.



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