Sega turns 60, and celebrates it by giving away Sonic 2

Sega cumple 60 años, y lo celebra regalando Sonic 2

Talking about Sega is talking about an essential actor in the history of videogames. In these days, in which the battle between PS5 and Xbox Series has already begun to see who takes the cat to the water in this new generation, some of us remember with nostalgia times past, in which Microsoft had not yet made the leap into the world of consoles, Sony was already preparing to make the leap and therefore Sega was the only rival facing the then all-powerful Nintendo.

Taking it personally, I still remember the illusion with which I spent 19,995 pesetas on a Game Gear (with the Columns), and another 5,000 pesetas on a “version” of the groundbreaking After Burner called G-Loc. Because okay, the Game Boy was cheaper and had more games, but my Sega Game Gear was in color And, with an additional adapter with two huge antennas, it was also good for watching TV anywhere. Yes, I think about it now and it sounds horrible, but let’s see, I’m talking about the early nineties …

For other people Sega will be Master System, or Mega Drive … maybe even Dreamcast (what a console masterpiece, what a catalog marvel and what a sad commercial failure). And that speaking of hardware, the market that Sega said goodbye to precisely with Dreamcast, because if we talk about games, just remember that it isThere was only one video game character capable of standing up, in popularity, to the ineffable Mario from Nintendo. Y I speak, of course, of Sonic. A tough competition that, yes, we must remember that it ended very sportingly, with both sharing a title.

Sixty years of Sega

Nobody is aware, therefore, that Sega is a veteran in this of filling our leisure time for decades, what may surprise more than one is how long they have been doing it, since the Japanese company is celebrating its 60th birthday. Sixty years that began with the “slot machine” fever, which followed with the development of some of the first electronic video games in history (such as Periscope in the late 1960s) and which lived between the 1980s and early 2000s. , its most golden age and, at the same time, its most painful.

I mean, of course, the period in which he dedicated himself to consoles and in which, at some point, he came to overtake Nintendo in sales. It happened with the Sega Mega Drive, a console that was not very successful in its original market, Japan, but which did perform well in Europe and the United States. As luck would have it, the blue hedgehog also came from his hand, and that, in conjunction with Game Gear, they came to worry some Nintendo managers.

Sega turns 60, and celebrates it by giving away Sonic 2

All this is, today, ancient history and, although history has its charm (even more so if you have lived it), it is not advisable to stay anchored there. As Mecano said “Oh how heavy, how heavy, always thinking about the past …”, so we better look at the present, because Sega is still very much alive, its accounts, according to its managers, are enviable and, as 60 years are not they meet every year, have decided to celebrate it on Steam, with some interesting promotions and, eye, giving away Sonic 2 for a limited time.

For the most nostalgic, They have also substantially reduced the price of the SEGA Mega Drive and Genesis Classics pack, in which you can find titles such as Altered Beast, Columns, Ecco the Dolphin, Golden Ax, Virtua Fighter … a total of 57 classic Mega Drive titles (Genesis on the other side of the pond) and that, for a few days, it will cost only 7.51 euros. You’ll also find current games at discounted prices, and some goodies that are free but only available for a limited time. You can check them in this link. And happy birthday, Sega, but if possible stop fulfilling more, that in the end you are going to make me feel old.



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