Windows Spotlight, from lock screen to desktop

Windows Spotlight, de la pantalla de bloqueo al escritorio

After years of not using Windows, the first thing I saw when I returned to the Microsoft operating system was Windows Spotlight, and I really loved it. In case you don’t know what I’m talking about (that is, you sure know the function, but maybe you can’t identify it by name), Windows Spotlight is the function responsible for the images displayed on the lock screen of the operating system. The most attractive visual content that is also accompanied by information about it. I am still a rare person, but it is rare that I do not spend a couple of minutes finding out the origin of the image with which I start the day.

Thus, the discovery made by the user Albacore, from Twitter, it is a great joy to me, and that is Microsoft would be taking Windows Spotlight from the lock screen to the Windows 10 desktop. And it is that, although finding those images so attractive when turning on the system is very pleasant, once logged in we return to the static image of the desktop. With this change, which would obviously be optional (there are those who prefer the sobriety of the default desktop background), users will be able to configure the system so that Windows Spotlight images, a new one every day, are shown as desktop background.

It is not clear, that yes, when this function will arrive to Windows 10. In principle it would be thought that it would be one of the novelties of Windows 10 20H2, but it would be strange, since from what is known, the works around it would already be finished, and the RTM version has already been made available to insiders, and nobody has seen anything of this function in it. Therefore, it will most likely be necessary to wait until the first (or perhaps only) update, Windows 10 21H1.

Activate Windows Spotlight in Windows 10

Be that as it may, what would already be possible is to activate this new function, for now “hidden” in the guts of Windows. For this, it is necessary, of course, to use the ViveTool application, which we have already told you about previously and, once installed, write the following command in PowerShell: ViveTool.exe addconfig 26008405 2

It is important, yes, don’t confuse Windows Spotlight on desktop with Bing Wallpaper app, although both do exactly the same. And maybe the shots are going around, maybe Microsoft has decided to dedicate the work done so far with the independent app to a version of it integrated into the operating system and that, in addition, would make the image of the lock screen and the from the desk.

For some users these types of settings are not important, but others attach great importance to the visual aspect of the operating system, even to the point of buying applications like Wallpaper Engine and the like. Being able to customize the appearance of something that, in many cases, we spend several hours a day observing is not, in my opinion, something banal, but a good step to feel more comfortable while we work, play, etc. Thus, Windows Spotlight on the desktop seems to me a success from Microsoft and, of course, I hope it arrives as soon as possible.


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