Minecraft 1.17 now has a name: Caves & Cliffs Update

We’re still finding out what’s new (and getting updates) for Minecraft 1.16, when the shadow of Minecraft 1.17 has already arrived. Yes, after receiving version 1.16.3, which has basically been a correction of some problems found in the previous versions (among them the duplication of items in the piglins), and when we were wondering what 1.16.4 will bring us, it has arrived Minecraft Live (the reformulation of the traditional MineCon) in which, just a few hours ago, they already made us think about a future made up of caves and mountains …

It is not, the last thing I said, a spoiler of things to come, since in reality he already tells us the name that the next big update will get: Minecraft 1.17 Caves & Cliffs. And that is where much of the news comes from that we have known directly from some of the most recognized faces of Mojang, such as Jens Bergensten, better known as Jeb and Agnes Larsson, the adorable LadyAgnes.

Undoubtedly, the main novelty announced for Minecraft 1.17 is that the caves are going to undergo a renovation that, to some extent, we could compare with the one that the nether already experienced in 1.16. When it arrives, the first thing that will surprise us as we dive into the depths of the earth will be find new biomes: Lush Caves and Dripstone Caves.

The new biomes of Minecraft 1.17

In the first, Lush Caves, which can currently be obtained through mods such as Actually Additions, and which offers us caves with a large presence of vegetation, something that is only possible, of course, with enough natural light. With the arrival of this biome to Vanilla in Minecraft 1.17 it will no longer be necessary to use mods and, in addition, we will find new plant elements, like the Spore Plants, a lianas hanging from the ceiling and Glow Berries, some luminous and edible fruits of the forest, among other novelties.

With respect to Dripstone caves, in this biome we will find stalactites and stalagmites, which are combined with larger caves and seek an effect that LadyAgnes had in Minecraft Live: to generate in the player a feeling of immensity of the environment, compared to the size of our avatars. In addition, these new elements of Minecraft 1.17 will not only be visual, but will have their own mechanics (stalactites drip water, and stalagmites can kill you) that players must learn to use them to their advantage.

But it’s not all good news regarding caves in Minecraft 1.17. And it is that inside you can also find the biome Deep dark and, inside, al Warden, a new and fearsome mob hostile, with some surprising peculiarities. The first is that it has no eyes and therefore cannot see. Instead, this guardian detects the vibrations that cause movements (steps, jumps, blows, etc.) and attacks the source of them. And as we have seen in the presentation, it was enough with a few blows to end the life of a scout equipped with a Netherite armor.

Now, as a counterpoint you will find another new creature in Minecraft 1.17: the Axolote, obviously inspired by the Mexican axolotl. You will find it in the water in the caves with the biome Lush Caves And although they are carnivores and attack in packs, they are not hostile to the player and, even better, although it is not yet known how, you can make them your allies to fight against the fearsome Warden. As with the axolotl in the real world, it is amphibian. Personally, I’m dying for the first snapshots to arrive to start learning about their mechanics.

Minecraft 1.17 now has a name: Caves & Cliffs Update

Copper comes to Minecraft

But it’s not just new biomes that caves have in store for us in Minecraft 1.17, another of the great surprises is the arrival of copper. Yes, from now on when we bite we can find this new pray, orange with which you can create various building blocks. And it has a peculiarity that I admit that I have loved: as it happens in the real world, it undergoes its characteristic oxidation process that, over time, ends up turning it green.

Additionally, and In combination with new crystals that can be found in caves, copper can also be used to craft telescopes, another new item in Minecraft 1.17. Its operation is very similar to the zoom function already offered by the popular OptiFine performance plug-in, another sign of the attention with which Mojang observes all the life that there is in the modder community of the Java version of the game. And even more, with copper you can also create lightning rods to protect yourself from storms (and perhaps to create automatic mob farms).

Something that has caught my attention is that, although the name of the update refers to the caves and the mountains, the former have received much of the prominence, and we still know very little about the novelties that the mountains will have in Minecraft 1.17. The most interesting announcement in this regard is undoubtedly the arrival of the goats, another long-awaited mob And with which, yes, you will have to be careful, because as in the real world, they do not hesitate to attack if they consider it necessary, and they do it with great force.

Besides goats, in the mountains of Minecraft 1.17 we can find snow “traps”, so it will be necessary to be more careful when crossing them. And little else, at least for the moment, when talking about mountains. I do not know if the news will be limited to this or, on the contrary, in Mojang they are working on more news but they have not yet wanted to present them, perhaps to reserve a surprise or perhaps just in case they will be able to have them ready for the launch of Minecraft 1.17 .

Wireless Redstone in Minecraft 1.17

If you are one of those players who especially enjoy technical Minecraft, designing all kinds of automatisms with redstone, you are going to love this novelty, and from now on you will be able to create structures not connected to each other thanks to a new sensor, the Skulk Sensor, which detects vibrations around you. This allows you to create devices that are activated by the proximity of a moving mob or player, as well as elements that react to the actions of others, despite not being physically connected by redstone.

The bad news is that, to build these new sensors you will have to get skulk blocks that, you have probably already established the relationship and you are imagining it, they work in the same way as the guardian. Indeed, you can only find them in the underground biome Deep dark, so you will have to face the Warden if you want to start enjoying this new sensor.

These are not all the news of Minecraft 1.17 that we already know, but they are the most remarkable. We will also find the Bundles, a version of Mojang of the popular backpack, improvements in archeology (something that already began to be seen in 1.16) and, of course, the new Glowing Squad, elected by vote by the community. We will talk more about them in the future, and especially when the first snapshots of it begin to arrive, something that we can expect between the end of winter and spring of 2021, since Minecraft 1.7 Caves & Cliffs Update is scheduled for summer 2021.

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