How to win at Among Us? Some useful tips

¿Cómo ganar en Among Us? Algunos consejos útiles

Surely if you have already played it, and more if you are as hooked as I am, more than once you’ve wondered how to win at Among Us, that terribly simple and technically somewhat improvable game that, for a few weeks, has remained among the most played and broadcast on platforms such as Twitch. If you don’t know it yet, here we explain what it is and the reasons why I think it has become a huge success.

In addition, and in a move that has made it respect its developers, they have recently canceled the development of Among Us 2, to focus on improving this first version of the game. They could, had they accelerated the development of the second, have made a lot of cash, but they have chosen to improve the experience of all the people who are playing it already, even if that means less income. A move so rare in this industry that it is even exciting.

But hey, we are not here to talk about the business model and the technical characteristics of the game, we are to try to find out how to win in Among Us, either as a crew member or, especially, if you are lucky enough to be the impostor (which I do not know in your case, but in mine it is what I like the most). Evidently this text is not about how to use tricks, cheats and the likeWell, I don’t see any sense in using that kind of tool in this type of game. No, no, we want to know how to win in Among Us being 100% legal, so that at the end of the game the crew have to congratulate us, or the traitors have to assume a clean defeat.

How to win at Among Us?

Obviously, the first answer to the question about how to win in Among Us is based on practice. In the first games you will be so lost, either with the missions or with the sabotages, that you will have enough with not being the first expelled from the ship. For this purpose, and although the ideal is to play with friends, have no qualms about entering public games. This will help you cope more comfortably playing with other people.

Also, and to familiarize yourself with the maps and missions, There is a game mode that is ignored by most, but it is highly recommended to practice. I mean free mode, since in it you can go through the maps, practice all the missions and, therefore, feel more comfortable when you face other players. Moving with more ease than the rest will be a fundamental key. How to win at Among Us? Practice is a key factor.

Another key element is know how to always keep in the same register, and let me explain: It is very common to act differently, in meetings, when you are a crew member and when you are an impostor. The problem is that, if you always play with the same friends, it will surely take them a short time to realize it. And yes, this is an advantage when you are a crew member, but a death trap if you are a traitor.

One of the people I play with the most, my friend José, is probably the person I play who best develops this technique. It acts exactly the same whether it has one role or the other, and that makes it much more difficult to know if he is as innocent as he appears or, in fact, he is sneaking it to us all. Something similar happens with Anaïs and his habit of pointing out everyone for the smallest detail. You never know what to expect. If you want to know how to win at Among Us, it’s not a bad idea to watch them play it. And the same goes for Mirian, which is also capable of slaughtering you and, even so, make you doubt if it was really her.

Obviously the capacity for conviction is also important, be able to convince others that what you are saying is true, and this applies to both crew members and traitors. Internalizing the position you are going to defend and doing it without hesitation is key to winning. In a recent game, a crew member saw Jose, precisely, get into a ventilation duct. However, due to the lack of conviction when he told the rest of the crew, he managed to save himself and, if I remember correctly, he ended up winning that game.How to win at Among Us?  Some useful tips

Something that I have been able to verify these weeks is that, in games in which only part of the players are in a voice service (Discord, Skype, etc.), those who only participate in conversations through text chat have it more difficult. It is understandable, in some cases, that one can play but not speak, but that usually works against her. How to win at Among Us? Employing all the elements within your reach to defend your position is also a key point.

If you are a crew member, pay attention to everything. It is common to pay attention only to the mission list and the map, to complete it as quickly as possible, but that results in Perhaps, just a few seconds before reporting a murder, you have come across the traitor but you have not even noticed. The games in which the crew members remember who they have crossed paths with, what missions they have seen the other players do, and so on, are usually a mousetrap without escape for traitors. And the same with the votes, has someone abstained when the rest have expelled a traitor? It can be a sign to watch out for.

If you are a traitor and the crew members have hunted your companion or companions, castling to defend him will only serve to make you the next to leave the ship, as they prove they were right. Sometimes you will have to betray your partner. And also the other way around, it doesn’t hurt if, from time to time, being a traitor, you moderately defend a crew member. If he is expelled and his innocence is proven, you will have an argument to also defend yours and, if it happens, join the crew who accuse whoever made the unfounded accusation.

If you’ve been wondering how to win at Among Us for a while, you’ve probably already come to the conclusion that it is a game in which psychology plays a very important role. Analyze the rest of the players as much as possible (obviously I’m talking about people you play with regularly) and learn to identify its signals. In my case I do it and they do it to me, which in turn leads me to have to readjust my behavior when I play. And this is something that makes it more complicated than it seems, yes, but also much more fun.



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