Amazfit Band 5 is renewed with Alexa includes and improvements for health monitoring

Amazfit Band 5

Huami has just announced the latest addition to its Amazfit family line of wearables with the arrival of the Amazfit Band 5, a new value-priced smartband that adds a host of fitness tracking and monitoring features along with new connectivity to Amazon’s voice assistant.

Although at first glance it seems that the Amazfit Band 5 has the typical characteristics of this type of sports bracelets, with a pedometer and a heart rate monitor, we can also find some functions normally relegated to more advanced models and even limited for smartwatches, how your OxygenBeats monitor for blood oxygen saturation. Additionally, your BioTracker 2 heart rate monitor will not be limited to common measurements, but will feature continuous heart rate monitoring limiting our resting pulsations and heart rate zones, thus being able to alert us when these are abnormally high.

This together with the new PAI system, o Smart Personal Activity Assessment System, you can create a personalized profile with our data so that, through the interpretation of our daily heart rate, we are assigned a score that can be used to determine how much activity we need to stay in a healthy way.

But not all its functions will be limited to the sports field, since as we said, the newest addition to Alexa compatibility implies that the Amazfit Band 5 will add an additional intelligent component, adding all the voice controls of the assistant to create timers and clock alarms, control our smart home, and even perform some actions directly on our phone such as starting, answering or hanging up calls .

Regarding its specifications, the first thing that stands out is the inclusion of a 1.1-inch AMOLED screen with a resolution of 126 x 294 and that, unlike what we are used to seeing in the vast majority of fitness bands and smart watches, it will not have an always on function. And it is that the Amazfit Band 5 is committed to saving energy, offering up to 15 days of autonomy between charges under continuous use.

Although it cannot be ignored the presence of 16 GB of RAM, well above the average, and that will allow us to control without problems any sports application together with other music applications or the Alexa control itself.

So, finally we come to its price, which following the line of this brand surprises us again with a powerful device that will barely fetch $ 49.99. Regarding its availability, at the moment it seems that the Amazfit Band 5 has only landed on the American Amazon website, although it is expected to reach the rest of the markets during the month of October.



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