Zoom improves your security with double authentication

The video conferencing service Zoom It continues to give people talk, and although we are no longer confined, we are still immersed in the pandemic caused by the coronavirus and how much we have ahead, nobody knows. Thus, Zoom continues to enjoy a great pull and, therefore, continues to improve its performance. Especially in what has been his Achilles heel so far: security.

In short, Zoom just improved your security with the implementation of double authentication, two-step authentication… It doesn’t matter what you call it, because it’s the same thing: the option to use two means of verification before you can identify yourself and access the account. Typically, the site password and a key generated at the time that is sent via SMS, phone call, or an application such as Google Authenticator or Microsoft Authenticator.

All the previous options and some more are what Zoom offers as a double authentication method, and although it was feared that they were only as part of the payment plans, it seems that in the end it has not been the case. Is what was going to happen to him end-to-end encryption that the company announced a few months ago, although before popular protest they decided that they would extend the function to all its users.

If you use Zoom, you should already be able to activate two-step authentication from the service preferences and thus avoid, among other dangers, the one known as zoombombing, one of the most repeated attacks on Zoom accounts. That, or go to some of the alternatives that there are, and almost every giant in the middle has its own.


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