Apple Watch SE, the cheap smartwatch with which Apple wants to reach more users

Apple Watch SE

As our regular readers will recall, Apple will hold an event on September 15, and according to the latest rumors the Apple Watch SE will be one of the great protagonists. The “SE” distinction has been used by the apple company to identify its “inexpensive” products, so we can almost assume that this smartwatch will be a “cheap” version of the Apple Watch, but which model in particular? ?

That question is very important. The first iPhone SE was inspired by the iPhone 5s, while the iPhone SE 2020 is based on the design of the iPhone 8. Well, according to the source of the news, The Apple Watch SE will be based on the Apple Watch Series 4, that is to say, in the model of the previous generation, since right now we are in the Series 5.

Apple has realized the importance of your “cheap” productsWe have proof of this not only in the launch of the iPhone SE 2020, but also in the price reduction that we saw with the arrival of the iPhone Xr, and later with the iPhone 11, so that Apple Watch SE makes a lot of sense .

Apple Watch SE: a cheaper smartwatch, but with very marked sacrifices

We have already commented on one of them, the subject of design, and that is that this smartwatch will be based on the design of the Apple Watch Series 4, but it will not be the only one. The source of this information ensures that this smartwatch also will have other important deficiencies:

  • You will not have an ECG (electrocardiogram).
  • Nor will it have an “always on” screen.
  • It will not include 3D Touch.
  • It will have an M9 chip

It’s important to put attention on we can not rule out that Apple decides to make other “cuts” on the Apple Watch SE before its launch, but that’s all the information we have for now, so we can only wait.

The price of the Apple Watch SE has not transcended, but it could should be lower than the Apple Watch Series 4as it will have a more limited set of benefits. I think it is likely to end up hovering between 249 and 299 euros, VAT included.

This new smartwatch will accompany the Apple Watch Series 6, about which we have already spoken in this article. We do not expect it to mark any revolution, either in terms of performance or design, but it will have enough new features to justify the generation jump.



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