TCL MOVETIME Family Watch: a smartwatch for veterans

TLC MOVETIME Family Watch: un smartwatch para los más veteranos

IFA 2020. Years ago, instead of having my birthday, I started to add experience points, and that is why I say that the TCL MOVETIME Family Watch smartwatch is a great proposal for those who are already veterans in this video game so rare and edifying at the same time that it is life. And I start from the base of clarifying that, as a starting point, any device designed with the intention of making technology more inclusive and closer to those who normally observe it from a distance, seems to me an excellent initiative.

Recently presented at the Berlin fair, MOVETIME Family Watch MT43A is a smartwatch designed with the specific needs of the elderly in mind, so that, at the same time, they can enjoy the common functions in this type of device and, in addition, they can maintain their independence without this translating into having to take more risks than strictly necessary.

In order to keep you in constant contact, MOVETIME Family Watch has a 4G connection, which makes it unnecessary for its users to also use a smartphone to communicate, as well as to use its emergency functions. 4G connectivity allows it to be used to make phone calls through its hands-free function, as well as send and receive messages directly through the watch.

With regard to safety functions, MOVETIME Family Watch has a fall sensor that, once configured, if it detects that a fall has occurred sends an immediate alert (in less than 60 seconds) with the exact location to emergency contacts assigned on the device. And if necessary, the user can deactivate the alert, to avoid unnecessary warnings (and scares) to their contacts.

Another interesting function of the watch is its heart rate monitor, which is constantly active and alerts the user if it detects any irregular activity, such as a marked increase or decrease in heart rate, thus facilitating early identification of any possible problem. It also has a reminder function, so that its users do not forget those actions that they must carry out on a daily basis, such as medical treatments, communicating with certain people, etc.

MOVETIME Family Watch MT43 also has quantifying functions, such as daily activity tracking, calorie burned counter, and sleep quality and hours monitor, information that can be used as a whole to introduce changes in lifestyle that result in greater user well-being.

The watch will be available in dark gray and black with a 41 x 48.5 mm AMOLED touchscreen. The graphical elements of its interface have been designed specifically for older people, so they are somewhat larger than in smart watches from other manufacturers. It is water and dust resistant, and is CCPA and GDPR compliant to protect user privacy. The market will arrive in autumn and its sale price will be 229 euros.

«With the announcement of the MOVETIME Family Watch MT43A smartwatch, TCL uses modern wireless technologies to help older people continue to lead independent lives, as well as to provide peace of mind for their families and caregivers“Says Sharon Xiao, Managing Director, Smart Connected Devices Business Unit, TCL Communication. «TCL is committed to leveraging its technical expertise to help this generation by bringing exclusive features and offers designed especially for them.«.



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