Samsung Galaxy Fit 2: up to three weeks without recharging

Samsung Galaxy Fit 2: hasta tres semanas sin recargar

IFA 2020. With her Samsung Galaxy Fit 2, which has been announced at the Berlin event, Samsung claims its space in a sector as competitive as that of quantifying bracelets. And it is that if a few years ago it seemed that smart watches were the future of our wrists, over time, and although we do see watches of this type, the increase in the functions of bracelets, added to the fact that their price is usually Much cheaper than watches, it has caused the real success to be scored by these devices.

This, of course, is tremendously positive for users, who can enjoy quantifying bracelets that adapt to different types of user needs and preferences. It is not so positive for himmanufacturers, who have to find a “hole” in which to position their bracelets. Something that, at the same time, is not already exploited by other manufacturers, and that is attractive to the largest possible number of users. And in view of its presentation, it seems that Samsung Galaxy Fit 2 could have found its place by looking at autonomy.

And it is that, from its list of technical specifications, without a doubt the most remarkable point is the duration of its battery, since according to its manufacturer, the Samsung Galaxy Fit 2 offers 15 days of autonomy for each full charge, a time that can be increased up to 21 days with certain configuration settings. Some adjustments that, it is understood, will mean deactivating some of its sensors and / or connectivity functions. For comparison, its predecessor, the Galaxy Fit, offered a range of up to a week.

With regard to its quantification functions, Samsung Galaxy Fit 2 has a pedometer and measures heart rate. Combining such information ands capable of recording five types of physical activities, which automatically identifies, and offer various metrics related to our physical activity. And since not everything is exercising, also do a analysis of hours and quality of sleep, to tell us if we are resting properly or you should make a change to rest better.

If we talk about its design, as you can see, the Samsung Galaxy Fit 2 is practically identical to its predecessor, weighs only 21 grams (without strap) and has a 1.1-inch AMOLED display with a resolution of 126 x 294 pixels. Inside it has 32 MB of memory, accelerometer, gyroscope, heart rate sensor, Bluetooth 5.0 and WiFi ac connectivity and a 159 milliamp battery.

At the moment data on the price and availability of Samsung Galaxy Fit 2 has not been revealed. It is expected that Samsung will follow a continuity line in reference to the price, which, in the case of Galaxy Fit, is 99 euros. Less clear is knowing when it will reach the different markets. In this regard, we will have to wait until the Korean manufacturer decides to give more news.

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