WoW Shadowland will demand a 100GB SSD

I was checking the minimum specs for WoW Shadowland, the long-awaited new expansion for World of Warcraft, when I have seen something that has caught my attention. I invite you to review said list with me so you can check it yourself, and then we’ll talk a little about it. As a starting point, yes, I already anticipate that it seems to me a somewhat excessive measure, and that it should be reconsidered by the developer

Everything seems reasonable until we get to the storage section. And it is not because of the space required by WoW Shadowland, which may seem normal. No, what is striking is the type of support it requires, since from what we see, to be able to install and play it An SSD with at least 100 Gb available will be essential.

It is not the first time, far from it, that the acronym SSD appears in the list of technical requirements of a game. The difference WoW Shadowland makes is that, for the first time, They are shown in the minimum requirements section, not in the recommended section. A requirement that we have not known about until now, despite the fact that we have news of the expected new expansion of World of Warcraft for about a year now.

It is true that, At first, it may seem like an excessive demand, and surely more than one World of Warcraft player will not be happy. I am, of course, thinking of those who still use HDDs and who, at least for the moment, had no plans to upgrade. And, if they want to continue enjoying all the adventures that the world of Azeroth offers, and the ray tracing that Wow Shadowland will bring, they will have no choice but to update their computers, whenever possible.

I said that it may seem like an excessive demand, but I am remembering an article that we published a few days ago, in which it was stated that Flight Simulator is the new Crysis. And if we consider it from that perspective, it makes all the sense in the world that games are, a type of software that is particularly demanding in terms of requirements, the one that asks for more every day and, from time to time, makes to force changes that, sooner or later, they have to occur. In this regard, the effect of WoW Shadowland can be positive.

What do you think? Does it seem correct that having an SSD is included as a minimum requirement to be able to enjoy WoW Shadowland or does it seem excessive? Are you still using an HDD and it does not seem that its performance is insufficient? Enjoying the best of both worlds (HDD capacity and price and SSD speed)?


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