Windows updates, how about just one a year?

Actualizaciones de Windows, ¿qué tal solo una al año?

Actually We are in the period between the two big Windows updates of 2020. A few months have passed since the arrival of Windows 10 2004, and there is less and less for Windows 10 20H2, an update in service pack format, and that in case you want to try is already within your reach, within the insiders program , following the instructions that we give you here to download the ISOs of the already updated operating system.

From the May update little remains to be said that we have not already told you throughout these months. The failures of it began to appear almost immediately, and within a few weeks of its publication the list of them exceeded everything imaginable, forcing Microsoft to work against the clock to end all those problems, and that users who had already updated they could use their systems normally again. And yes, over the months most of the problems were resolved. However, this has left us with the taste of mouth that Windows updates need to be updated.

And it would not surprise me at all if the May Update happened to put not a few users in a situation where they have nothing clear whether to update as soon as possible to 20H2 Or, on the contrary, wait a while to confirm that this service pack fixes and improves everything, without causing new problems along the way. And that from this experience, Microsoft has taken note and decided that it prefers reliable Windows updates, even if they are less frequent.

This is what can be deduced from as posted by Gizchina, and that affirms that the traditional spring update of Windows 10 in 2021 could be delayed and, even, not come to pass. This is based on the fact that, originally, the new Windows 10X platform would go to the RTM phase (Release to Manufacturers) in the fall of 2020. And for Windows 10 21H1, a similar version of RTM would be prepared in the spring of 2021. However , Windows 10X release has been postponed and we won’t see this platform until April-May 2021. Are we talking about the end of the two Windows updates per year?

According to anonymous sources, this would be a consequence of Microsoft having decided to change the frequency of Windows updates, from two to one per year, which would allow developers to dedicate more time to each update, a time that will give them much more margin for testing and quality control, something that seems to have been lacking in the Windows 10 2004 development cycle. Also, in this way, with a major update a year, it could be made to “look” much more, in the style of what Apple does every year with MacOS X.

So the bottom line is that Microsoft will release the first preview of the new Windows 10X for single-screen devices in Q2 2021, and Windows 10X for dual-screen devices later. In the second half of 2021, Microsoft will release a major functional update, which would be the sum of updates 21H1 and 21H2 to maintain the current cycle of Windows updates.



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