Apple’s 2020 keynote will be held on September 10

La keynote 2020 de Apple se celebrará el 10 de septiembre

Like every year, as September approaches rumors about the traditional keynote come back to school. The normal thing is that some filtration takes place on the part of more or less solvent sources, and the common thing is that they were successful. So much so that every day the suspicion that, in reality, it is Apple itself who, in some way, intentionally causes them as a marketing tool is more common. And it is that, like it or not, the hype It works very well.

What we had never seen, of course, is that it was Apple itself who, accidentally (or perhaps not so much) who has anticipated its own planning, publishing for a few minutes in its press room a communication in which it reported than Apple’s 2020 keynote will take place next Thursday, September 10 at one o’clock Pacific time, 10:00 p.m. Spanish time. And why am I speaking in the past tense? Because a few minutes later the message has been removed from the Apple website.

MSPowerUser posted a brief review about it and what points to a tweet that, surprisingly, has also been deleted. And I say it is surprising because it was not a tweet from Apple, but from Soybeys, an independent analyst specializing in the apple company. It is striking because, for weeks, we have been waiting to know the specific date of the 2020 keynote, and therefore it is rare that it does not do so much to spread this data.

In any case, and focusing on the deleted note, this is what we can read:

Apple Keynote 2020 Note. Image: MSPowerUser

Keynote 2020: what are we waiting for?

And what can we expect from Apple’s 2020 keynote? In the first place, of course, that they confirm the date of celebration, which until now pointed to September 8, two days before what this new leak indicates. In any case, be it two days before or after, there is no doubt that will be the presentation in society of the iPhone 12, the new generation of Apple’s smartphone. Also, based on the leaked text, we will have news, surely in the form of a new generation, Apple Watch, series 6.

Regarding the «more» of the text, many signs suggest that we will also have news related to the iPad during the keynote and, although not so likely, yes We may finally see the face of the AirPower, a wireless charger in a mat format already announced, but canceled last year, and that would allow the charging of multiple devices by induction. And although less likely, there has already been talk to WWDC that perhaps a Apple Music, Apple TV and Apple Arcade unified offering for a lower price than contracting these services separately.



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