Windows updates: more control with Update Manager

Actualizaciones de Windows: más control con Update Manager

Any user of the Microsoft operating system knows that Windows updates are sometimes a headache. And is that, for example, some updates are not available for our system despite the fact that, in principle, it meets all the prerequisites to install it. Or also that you do not have too strict control over them, something that can be useful without, at a certain point, you want to be able to quickly check if you have already made one or, on the contrary, you are still pending.

With that idea in mind, its creators have developed Update manager, also known as WuMgr, a free and open source tool that allows you to do without, if you wish, the tools to manage Windows updates included in the operating system itself. According to the developer, this portable app uses the Windows Update agent API to identify, download, and install updates, including Patch Tuesday updates, optional updates, and security updates.

Like Windows Update, this open source application also allows you to easily download and install all kinds of Windows updates. This tool can be useful, for example, when you cannot scan, download, or install Windows updates with Windows Update from system settings. Something for which, obviously, it will be essential to identify yourself as its administrator when starting the application.

Both for its own operation and to inform the user, WuMgr, in its first use, will collect information about all updates already installed on the systemTherefore, the program can be used as an alternative to the system tool to review the history of Windows updates applied to the system.

The application offers four options: Windows update, installed updates, hidden updates and update history. With the first you can review all the Windows updates available at that time, as well as apply as many as you want. The second, as you can deduce, shows you those that you have already installed in the system with WuMgr, and the third allows you to check, at a glance, which updates have been blocked on your system, whether it was for you or for any other reason . You can also hide any update that you don’t want to apply, so that it stops showing as available.

It is true that everything it offers can be found in Windows, either in the tools included in the system, or with additional add-ons from Microsoft. The main advantage of this alternative is that it collects everything related to Windows updates in one place, and also it is an open source tool, something that will undoubtedly be a compelling reason for many users.



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