Surface Duo will have the bootloader unlocked Microsoft Windows Mobile?

A Windows Surface Duo could be on the way thanks to bootloader unlocked that could open additional possibilities to the folding smartphone.

Microsoft has confirmed the guys from xda-developers (main portal of the “kitchen” of Android) that the Surface Duo will have the unlockable bootloader. This means that it can be rooted, modified and ultimately have the ability to install a custom Android ROM and even other systems.

Surface Duo with Windows? When it became known that the smartphone with which Microsoft would return to the smart mobile business with its own hardware would use Android, a group of users signed a petition on for Microsoft to develop a Surface Duo with Windows 10X and comply “What it promised for years: a new Windows smartphone”.

By unlocking the bootloader Microsoft will make the task easier. You sacrifice a part of security, but you get additional control over the device, you can replace the original interface, remove Bloatware (which the Duo has quite a bit of), add additional features, and further customization. Among other things, it is possible to root a phone or install an alternative operating system. Assume that some third-party developers will try to install Windows.

On the other hand, the use of a custom Android ROM is one of the best assets of Google’s mobile platform and, taking into account the commercial strategy of some manufacturers, it is sometimes the only option so that a smartphone is not obsolete by software and the useful life that the hardware does allow can be extended.

In this sense comes good news. Microsoft has also confirmed that will guarantee three years of Android updates on the Surface Duo. The support of Google’s partners in this section can be greatly improved and is well below that offered by Apple for iPhones.

Google is aware of the problem and has long pushed its partners to improve the picture. Last week, Samsung announced that it would increase updates to Android versions released by Google and the corresponding monthly security patches from two to three years. Initially, Samsung specifically mentioned the Galaxy Note 20, Galaxy S20, and Galaxy S10 for improved support.






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