Google’s license to work with Huawei has expired and it’s bad news for users

Trump has ended up fulfilling his threats against Huawei as the main objective in the trade war that he maintains with China and the consequences will be suffered by the US companies themselves, the operators and also the users whose smartphones may remain in limbo with no software updates.

Google requested a temporary general license (TGL) to support Huawei devices that were originally launched with Android and Google services before Huawei was included in May 2019 in the “List of Entities” with which the government prohibited from doing business all American companies.

The temporary license was more focused on allowing telecom operators time to transition, but it was also an opportunity to continue to maintain consumer devices safe and updated, like the Huawei P30. And even launch new terminals such as the Huawei P30 Pro New Edition, a variant of the previous ones, with Google services and apps included.

Google’s license for Huawei is over

According The Washington Post, Google’s license for Huawei expired on August 13 and Google has not attempted to renew it. Huawei could still send Android updates taken from the publicly available Android Open Source Project (AOSP), but the use of any Google app and service is legally prohibited.

An issue for users who purchased Huawei terminals before May 2019 when the lockdown started. Legally, they are in limbo. They will not be able to have services such as Play Protect that are used for the security of payment and banking terminals or services, in addition to the common apps of Google, Maps, YouTube and many others.

Huawei smartphones after May 2019 no longer include them by default, but the problems for Huawei are not over And everything will depend on whether its users are able to do without Google and maintain trust in the Chinese firm. There are also doubts in the hardware section, since TSMC cannot legally manufacture the Huawei-designed Kirin chips either.

Google also plays it

Blocking Huawei can hurt a lot to US companies. Mainly Google. Watching Trump’s attacks (the latest on TikTok), big Chinese companies like Huawei, Xiaomi and Oppo are ready to break dependency on Google.

Thus, they have created the Global Developer Service Alliance, or GDSA, an alternative association to Google Play that seeks to unify Chinese application stores so that a developer can upload an app to one of them and be in all of them at the same time, in an updated way and fully compatible.

The number of mobile phones that these manufacturers have on the market is multimillion-dollar and they completely dominate large markets such as Asia or Europe. Google lives off its applications and services. If you stay out of them it can be a very serious problem. Thanks to Trump.






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