Fortnite, App Store and the madness of selling an iPhone for almost $ 15,000

A few days ago we told you about the withdrawal of Fortnite from the App Store (and also from the Google Play Store), a movement that has not left anyone indifferent. As some of our readers will know, Apple charges a 30% commission for all the income generated by an application uploaded to the App Store, and this includes micropayments. In effect, if you upload a payment application, Apple not only takes a commission for each sale, but also makes cash for each micropayment.

On a personal note, I must say that Apple’s approach it seems excessive to me. Yes, for once I agree with the position of Epic Games, and I think that those of the bitten apple should reduce the “bite” that they give to the income generated by an application through micropayments. The fact is that Epic Games has taken it very seriously, and has not only launched a campaign against the Cupertino giant, but has also taken it to court.

While both companies settle their disputes with the help of the courts and embark on a process that could take years to resolve, users take advantage of the situation to make firewood from the fallen tree. In a large number of second-hand product sales platforms we have been able to see lists of different iOS-based devices that come with Fortnite pre-installed, and that they are sold at astronomical prices.

The hardware does not matter, the important thing is Fortnite

I think there is no better definition. We all know that Fortnite is a mass phenomenon, so much so that, for some, it has even become a way of life, a job. The disappearance of said game from the iOS application store could last for quite some time, a reality that, together with the enormous popularity of the game, has led some to think that there are people willing to paying almost $ 15,000 for an iPhone 11 Pro Max with Fortnite installed.

Are you running out of budget? Well calm, you have other inferior models, like the iPhone X, for 5,500 dollars. Obvious to say that all this seems to me crazy, And I don’t think anyone in their right mind is willing to pay those figures for a thousand-euro smartphone with a free game pre-installed. It comes out much cheaper buy an Android-based device, install Fortnite via APK and you’re done, or you can also get a Samsung Galaxy device and get it directly from the Samsung Galaxy Store.

If you have thought, for a moment, that all this could represent an interesting opportunity as an investment be careful, no one really knows when Epic Games and Apple might reach an agreement. Imagine that within a week the first one gives its arm to twist and the game is available again in the App Store. What a drink, right? Well, the best thing is to be patient and ignore the speculative fever that is trying to take advantage of the situation to make its fortune.






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