Call of Duty: Mobile Conquest

Call of Duty: Mobile will feature a new update starting Friday, August 14, including Gunsmith, inspired by the content that can be enjoyed in Modern Warfare.

Call of Duty: Mobile Conquest

Also included in the update is one of the most acclaimed maps by fans, Shipment 1944, plus four new zones in Battle Royale mode, and much more. From August 16, starting at 2am (Peninsula time), Season 9: Conquest begins. This season will feature a well-known Call of Duty character, Reznov, through flashbacks of past war experiences.

Players will be able to take a virtual journey through time in the form of temporary events, as well as enjoy a new game mode, a new Battle Pass, and much more.

Updating Call of Duty: Mobile It will be available from tonight on both Android and iOS. Some of its novelties are:

  • New MP – Shipment 1944 map.
  • Four new locations in Battle Royale: Dormitory, Radar Base, Outpost, and Campground.
  • Battle Pass Season 9: Conquest – New characters, weapons, items and more.
  • New mode – 10v10 Featured Playlists (in Season 9).
  • Marquee Event – Finest Hour – Conquer cities on a virtual map (in Season 9).
  • New temporary challenges.
  • New products available in the store.
  • Various updates to the UI, weapon balance, and in-game optimizations.

You can see more information about this new season available in the following LINK.

Coming Soon: Best Time Event & 10v10 Multiplayer

Choose the Eastern Front or the Western Front and help liberate Europe in the Best Time event. Increase your troop count each time you upgrade a weapon in the gunsmith, then use the troops to attack Axis-occupied cities. If you manage to free them, you will get rare weapons and characters.

Prepare for massive confrontations with the arrival of Team Duel and 10v10 Dominance. Did Shipment seem crazy to you? Well, wait until you play it in version 10v10, also available in Takeoff, Meltdown and Crossfire.

And this is nothing more than an advance. Get ready to load up your game and start fighting the Axis powers. We need all available soldiers.

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