Your Phone begins to roll out the function of using Android apps in Windows 10

Little by little, but inexorably, Microsoft keeps adding exciting new features to Your Phone, its more than interesting proposal to establish a comfortable and practical connection between computers with Windows 10 and smartphones with Android and iOS. A little over two years have passed since its announcement, and it is only two weeks since the second anniversary of its arrival on the Windows 10 Insider channel.

And it does not seem casual, because coinciding with that second anniversary of its arrival in the development ring, Microsoft added, a couple of weeks ago, a new and very interesting function, at that time available only to Windows 10 insiders in the ring. development of Build 20185: the possibility of run Android apps directly on PC. Some tests that, from what is deduced, must have worked like a charm.

Why do I say that? Well, because only a fortnight later, and for what reports MSPowerUser, those of Redmond have already started the deployment of this function in Your Phone installations of Windows 10 users who are not insiders, which indicates that their intention, that of those of Redmond, is get the use of Android apps on Windows to all users as soon as possible. The truth is that I am very surprised by such speed in this deployment, normally the functions in beta phase are usually tested much longer before they are delivered to the end user.

For the moment, yes, This function is only compatible with certain Samsung smartphone models, you can check the full list in this link. However, it is hoped that once this Your Phone feature reaches all Windows 10 users, Microsoft and the major manufacturers will begin to work hand in hand to expand Your Phone’s compatibility with more Android device models and manufacturers. .

Among the new functions of Your Phone in relation to apps, it is obvious that it is able to use the device’s apps directly on the PC (although, in reality, they will continue to run on the smartphone, and what we will see in Windows is a duplicate screen with all controls active). It will also be possible to select frequently used apps to create shortcuts, review all installed aapps and review their notifications.







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