EA Play: new name for EA Access and EA Origin Access

Changes, such as the one adopted by Electronic Arts with EA Play, I must admit, generally seem fine to me. I’m talking, of course, about unification, something that eliminates a barrier for many users who, as a general rule, confusedly observe that various interrelated services, and offered by the same company, However, they use little or no names related to each other. This, of course, is not a problem for those who already know them, but it does represent an entry barrier for those who may be considering trying any of them: bad for the user and bad for the company.

And it is that, until now, Electronic Arts subscription services have been, Origin Access, Origin Access Premier and EA Access, the first two only for PCs and the third also for video consoles. It is little (to say nothing) intuitive, right? Well, fortunately in EA they had to think the same and, according to they have announced, starting next Tuesday there will be a unification of all its subscription services within the EA Play brand.

More concretely, EA Access and Origin Access Basic will be renamed EA Play, while Origin Access Premier will be called, from now on EA Play Pro. And by the way, you may be thinking that, until now, EA Play was the name given to the annual event organized by Electronic Arts. In this case you should know that it will keep its name … partially, and it is that from now on it will be called EA Play Live. It seems smart to me, because it maintains its identity and, at the same time, integrates into the new brand and better defines, thanks to the word live, what it is about.

The services aspect will also undergo a facelift, according to the company. All the features and benefits included until now will be kept and, although it does not reveal too much about it, Electronic Arts states that new features will be added in the coming months, as exclusive challenges and achievements for EA Play users.

«EA Play puts you at the center of the experience. Bringing all the benefits together under one brand is an important step in optimizing our services and ensuring that being a member of EA Play is the best way to play.«, States the company in the communication in which it reports on the unification of subscription services. Let’s hope it’s true, the truth is that I’m curious to see those future changes that are to come.







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