Telegram turns seven … and opens video calls

There are apps and services that, like Telegram, arrive without making a lot of noise, and it is mainly the jump from word of mouth that makes them become more popular over time. And this is good, very good actually, because it is a clear sign that what they offer is good enough not only to be chosen by their users, but so that, in addition, these become your ambassadors to the rest of the world, giving rise to an exemplary healthy organic growth.

It happens, of course, that to maintain this growth rate and, what is more important, the satisfaction of its users, it is essential not to stagnate, since if an idea works, sooner or later those who copy it will surely arrive. And it may take a little longer, but among those copies, one will probably appear that improves the original. Anyone who has lived it knows that growing is difficult, but sometimes staying on top is even more difficult.

It does not seem that, at least for the moment, it will be the case of Telegram, which is celebrating its seventh birthday with just over 400 million users, and some estimates suggest that it will continue to grow to reach one billion in 2022. It must be remembered that it was not until five years after his birth that, in 2018, he managed to reach 200 million. In other words, it has managed to double its user share in just over two years, so those estimates don’t seem too fanciful.

And although the normal thing, when one has a birthday, is to receive gifts, those responsible for Telegram have decided to act in the opposite direction, taking advantage of add a new and long-awaited feature to the service: video calling. As stated by those responsible in the official blog of the serviceIn recent months, the demand for this function has grown exponentially, due to the thousand situations of isolation and confinement that the coronavirus has caused.

Telegram’s video calling feature is currently in alpha phase (prior to beta), so it is surprising that they have decided to make it available to users now. However, the first feedback on this seems to be positive. Regarding its operation, it offers end-to-end encryption, guaranteeing the privacy of communications. In addition, it is possible to initiate a voice call and, once in it, activate and deactivate the video function whenever desired. The image, as is common in video content on Telegram, can be displayed in full screen or in PiP (Picture in Picture) mode.

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