PS5 will be priced at $ 499-499 euros, we see why

Sony has not confirmed it yet, but everything seems to indicate that PS5 will be priced at 499 dollars-499 euros when the next one hits the market November 20 (date not final). It goes without saying that this price applies to the version with an optical drive (4K Blu-ray reader), and that the version without such a drive could be between 399 and 449 dollars-euros.

A few months ago we saw that the PS5 price could be around 349 dollars-euros, but it is clear that this figure was too optimistic, and that in the end Sony’s new generation console was not going to fall below the 400 euro range. After the last round of information that we have seen from several insiders who have contacts in some of the most important triple A game developers of the moment, we can conclude that PS5 is going to be more expensive than expected, in fact, and except for surprise , its price should be higher than Xbox Series X.

If we take a look at the most reliable information that we have been seeing in recent months we will realize that everything makes sense, and to think that PS5 will be priced at $ 499-499 euros is perfectly normal. According Bloomberg, Sony had to face a high cost of production right from the start with its next-generation console. This source indicated, earlier this year, that each PS5 costs Sony about $ 450, a figure that only includes components and assembly. If we add transportation and advertising costs that figure goes up considerably.

In contrast, Xbox Series X has an estimated cost of production, according to several analysts, of between 460 and 520 dollars. I know what you are thinking, how come they are so close if the Xbox Series X GPU is so much better? Well, very simple, because Sony has assembled a much faster and more expensive SSD. For us to understand each other, the Japanese company has cut the GPU to mount a fantastic SSD, while Microsoft has mounted a high-performance SSD, although slower than the PS5, and a GPU that gives you soups with a sling.

PS5 will be priced at $ 499- $ 499: but why?

The explanation is very simple. With a production cost of $ 450, not adding the costs we mentioned above, it is clear that Sony has very little room for maneuver. Microsoft has been clear, it doesn’t mind losing money on every Xbox Series X unit it sells, it can make up for it by selling services and games, and your annual income does not really depend on that console.

With Sony, however, the opposite occurs. The Japanese company cannot afford to lose so much money per console sold, but at the same time it also can’t launch PS5 with an exorbitant price tag. Marketing said console for more than 500 dollars-euros would be a major disaster, especially if Microsoft pushes the price and assumes losses.

Before someone tells me that we are exaggerating the costs, let me remind you that just the 16GB of GDDR6 and the PS5 SSD have an estimated cost of $ 250. To that add the board, the APU, the Tempest chip and the rest of the elements. The slopes are more than enough, and the same applies, although increasing the cost of the APU and reducing the cost of the SSD, to Xbox Series X.

It makes perfect sense to think that the PS5 will be priced at $ 499-499 euros. That figure allows minimize losses per unit sold, facilitates the profitability of the platform and places it in a reasonable position to compete with Xbox Series X, provided that Microsoft decides to launch its next generation console with a price of 499 dollars-euros, since some rumors claim that those from Redmond are going to go all out, and that they could launch said console for 399 dollars-euros.







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