Turtle Beach Introduces New Stealth 600 and Stealth 700 Gaming Headsets

Turtle Beach has announced a launch and update of its family of best-selling gaming headsets, featuring the arrival of the Stealth 600 and Stealth 700, which come with new features and compatibility with both generations and consoles distributors Xbox One and Xbox Series X, and PS4 and PS5.

Boasting high-quality, refined workmanship and sleek looks, combining the experience of seamless, advanced wireless connectivity with powerful and accurate game sound, ultra-clear chat, unmatched comfort, and innovative, stunning bass. an affordable price.

Thus, beyond the differences between the two models, we will also find some changes in relation to the versions of each headset depending on its orientation to one console or another. Although really these differences will be limited to your type of connection: while the PlayStation version is based on a USB wireless receiver, headsets made for Xbox can connect directly by bluetooth to the console, and even to a PC if we have a wireless adapter connected.

Turtle Beach Stealth 700

Starting with the older model, these headphones show a number of updates and improvements in performance, comfort and style over their predecessors. The game sound on the Stealth 700 has been adjusted and refined to achieve even more detailed and precise sound, so that players will have more opportunities to hear everything that happens in the game and to defeat everyone.

We can find a larger, high-sensitivity microphone to enhance the clarity of the chat, with a redesigned model of silence that when folded down, is integrated into the headset. It also highlights the inclusion of the new Aerofit foam pads with injected gel cooling, which wrap around the 50mm enhanced Nanoclear speakers, and complete the structure of a redesigned reinforced metal headband, providing a comfort experience designed specifically for long-lasting sessions.

In addition, the battery life has been significantly improved, achieving now until reaching 20 hours of autonomy per charge.

Finally, the Stealth 700 will also have the support of the new Turtle Beach Audio Hub app, through which we can easily customize the sound, as well as program the dial and buttons of the headphones, or control the dedicated functions to listen to music or receive calls directly from our mobile while we play.


Turtle Beach Stealth 600

The update to the Stealth 600 also includes a refined sound, as well as the same change of the flip-up microphone and the aesthetic redesign of the same. Similarly, the headband and hinge designs have been reinforced for more durability, while the ear cushions have been replaced with soft fabric materials, prepared to fit users who wear glasses.

All this crowned by the new 50mm speakers, an easy-to-use headphone sound presets button allows for easy audio customization, and the Superhuman Hearing sound enhancement system exclusive to Turtle Beach.


Availability and price

Now available for pre-purchase at the official website of the brand, the first to arrive will be the Stealth 600, and its black and white versions for PS4 and PS5, which will be available starting this Sunday, August 16 at a fairly cheap price of 99.99 euros. Thus, the version for Xbox One and Xbox Series X of the same will not be available until next September 20, date on which the Stealth 700 will also arrive, which under a single black option, and the differentiation of two models different for each console, will amount to 149.99 euros.






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