The Last of Us Part II patch 1.05

Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) announces that patch 1.05 of The Last of Us Part II, the leading video game developed by award-winning Californian studio Naughty Dog, is now available for download on PlayStation®4 *. This free patch includes a new realistic difficulty mode and permanent death mode among other features and trophies.

The Last of Us Part II

In addition, to celebrate this milestone and as a token of appreciation to all the players, PlayStation®España presents the video Stories from a Fan, with different testimonies from important members of the community in which, in a very emotional way, they explain from their point of view seen what the saga has meant The last of us and the feelings that the experiences of their respective protagonists have awakened in them. Some members of the community such as Pilar Tercero, Lluís Saguer, Joan Alfons López, Mau Sánchez-Robles and Cristian García participate in this tribute.

You can see the video Tales of a Fan by clicking on the following link.

When it comes to the new patch, the Realistic difficulty mode represents the ultimate challenge for all fans of The Last of Us Part II by minimizing available resources like ammo, upgrades, and crafting materials. In addition, it eliminates survival tools such as Listen mode or the elements of the HUD, as well as empowers enemies, being these much more lethal **. It will not be necessary to have completed the game for it to be available.


The new permanent death mode has also been included. Thanks to which players will not have second chances. They must complete the entire game without dying, or else they must start from the beginning. As a reward, the Realistic update introduces two new trophies. One for completing the game with any permanent death mode activated and another for beating it on Realistic difficulty, which will not be necessary to achieve platinum.

In addition to the new difficulty challenges, Naughty Dog will include in this patch a mode with cel shading, thriller noir and sepia-toned graphics. And some thirty new graphic rendering modes, as well as several sound and game modifiers that will allow you to play in a different way.

The Last of Us Part II, the great video game exclusive to PlayStation®4, can now be purchased through the PlayStation®Store. And in the usual points of sale at a recommended retail price of € 69.99 and PEGI 18.






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