The cheap iPhone 12 would arrive in 2021 without support for 5G

Apple prepares the launch of its new generation of mobiles and yesterday we specified the dates of presentation and availability of the four versions that are expected next October.

They will not be the only ones of the generation if a report from the firm Wedbush Securities is confirmed, ensuring that a cheap iPhone 12, the fifth of the platform, would be commercialized in early 2021 to complete the series.

Although there is no concrete data because Apple no longer serves them before the global drop in sales since the highs of 2018, all analysts estimate that the launch of the iPhone SE 2020 (the cheapest among all Cupertino smartphones) has been a success and it has served to smooth the fall in sales of Apple mobiles.

Like the rest of manufacturers, Apple has been affected by the problems in production and distribution as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. and that there will be a moderate delay in the launch of iPhone 12. With this in mind and adding the potential negative economic consequences derived from COVID-19, Apple would have an ace up its sleeve in case sales do not finish rising.

What will the cheap iPhone 12 look like

The main change compared to the general line would come from the communications section. The four terminals to be introduced in the fall are expected to combine different screen sizes, quality of IPS and OLED panels, and different amounts of memory and storage, but all will support the new 5G broadband networks.

The cheap iPhone 12 would be out of the norm and would only support 4G-LTE networks. in a configuration like the following:

  • Screen: 5.4 inch IPS Super Retina.
  • SOC: Apple A14.
  • Memory: 4 GB of RAM.
  • Storage: 128 or 256 GB of storage capacity.
  • Double main camera.
  • Operating system: iOS 14.

Its price would be around 699 dollars. By then there will be a good number of smartphones with similar features on the market that will support 5G, but Apple is still Apple and any cost reduction plays a significant role. Confirming the importance of price, mention that the iPhone 11 (the cheapest of the general series) was the most popular on the market.

Pricing will be aggressive as Apple pursues a broader customer base. Especially in a recession, in a COVID-19 context, they need to make sure they are reaching all market segments and prices.says the analysis firm to explain the arrival of this cheap iPhone 12.






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