Huawei Mate X2, another animator for the era of folding smartphones

Huawei Mate X2 will be another of the foldable smartphones that enliven a mobile industry that fears a drop in sales and that needs a good push in innovation. The new form factors, with flexible screen or dual screen, are intended to be that booster next to what comes from 5G.

We had news of this Huawei Mate X2 for a long time and now it returns to the present through a patent approved yesterday by the National Administration of Intellectual Property of China, which puts us on the track of what to expect.

Compared to the original Mate X with deployed “out” (impressive in design, but with potential robustness problems), Huawei bets for the second version for a format book type with “in” fold that we have already seen in the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 or in the double screen Microsoft Surface Duo. The objective of this format is to better protect the screen and increase the robustness of the whole.

its flexible OLED panel is the star component of the terminal. The type of protection is not mentioned, with plastic or with some glass technology as Samsung has used in its latest folding. Highlight a second screen located on the lid, which is a breakthrough over the Fold2. It will be used when the terminal is folded and we assume it will be used for functions such as calls or notifications.

Huawei Mate X2, another cheerleader for the era of folding smartphones 32

The sidebar we saw on the original Mate X remains:

Huawei Mate X2, another cheerleader for the era of folding smartphones 34

It causes the terminal to be somewhat more ‘chubby’, but it may be worth it because it allows to mount an advanced camera system, according to the patent with four sensors nothing less. In addition to them, we see another front camera with a double sensor.

Huawei Mate X2, another cheerleader for the era of folding smartphones 36

The bar also serves to include another of the interesting components of this Huawei Mate X2 and which Samsung has given up on the Fold2. It is a “Huawei M Pen” stylus that will undoubtedly add value to the foldable and will be stored in the sidebar when not in use.

There are no buttons or ports visible in the included images, although in the case of a patent they could be included later at any time.

This Huawei Mate X2 looks very good. The Chinese firm retains its own style, sidebar design and the move to a more convenient book-style format to protect the screen. We do not have information on internal hardware, screen size, availability and price of the most advanced folding smartphone that we have seen so far. Of course, from the drawing board to the consumer’s hands it goes a long way. We hope that Huawei has been touring it since they made the patent.






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