ZTE has the world’s first smartphone ready with the in-screen camera

ZTE CEO Ni Fei has confirmed through Weibo that your company has prepared the first commercial smartphone with in-screen camera, very interesting news since it suggests that this type of terminal could become the new standard within the high-end range for next year.

As some of our readers will know, the idea is not new, in fact Oppo already pointed in that direction a while ago, but poses a major challenge for all the questions it presents at a technical and cost level. Today we have all the necessary technology to launch an all-screen smartphone with the camera integrated under it, but it would be necessary to do significant tradeoffs in image quality and cost, something that no manufacturer has been willing to assume.

A good part of the big players in the smartphone sector, including Samsung, have been evaluating the leap to integrated cameras in the screen for some time, in fact it was rumored that the South Korean giant could be the first to launch a terminal of this type, but at the final It seems that ZTE will manage to get ahead.

ZTE and Visionox: is a smartphone with a camera built into the screen viable?

Not with current technology, due to the sacrifices that we have already indicated, but with the latest advances that Visionox has achieved, things change significantly. The Chinese company recently confirmed that it has developed a set of organic and non-organic film materials that offer greater transparency. These materials, together with a new algorithm applied to brightness, colors and viewing angles, largely manage to solve the problems of loss of image quality that the first prototypes that Oppo showed had.

This means that yes, applying these latest innovations, ZTE could create a smartphone with the front camera integrated into the screen. without having to give up good photographic quality, But what about the costs? It is an unavoidable question, and frankly I think it could be the great counterpart of this type of terminal, since it is an innovative technology that is at an early stage, which means that it could have a considerable impact on manufacturing costs , and therefore in the sale price of the new ZTE.

The specifications of this new smartphone have not transcended, but we have been able to discover the existence of a new model in the SRRC (State Radio Regulation of China) identified as ZTE A20 5G, and this may be the first terminal with a camera integrated in the screen . Expect a top-of-the-range configuration, that is, a Snapdragon 865+ SoC and a minimum of 8 GB of RAM.

Personally, I think that the key moment for smartphones with this format is all real screen, thanks to the on-screen camera integration, it will actually be produced from 2021. It is not confirmed yet, but the Galaxy S21 (or Galaxy S30, as we want to call it) may also incorporate such a configuration.






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