Bloodborne Remastered will arrive with PS5, and will have a version for PC

A couple of months ago we told you about Bloodborne Remastered, a review of the well-known game that arrived on PS4 in 2015, and has remained an exclusive on that console ever since. We knew that this edition will be aimed at PS5 and will also be coming to PC, a move that our regular readers will know, should not surprise us, as Sony has taken an important turn in its policy of exclusive games by bringing Horizon Zero Dawn to compatible.

Before continuing I want to delve into this question a little more in case anyone is confused, as it is very important. I do not mean that exclusive games will cease to exist, on the contrary, they will continue to be very important in new generation consoles, but the idea of ​​exclusivity has changed. They will no longer be absolute exclusivities, but temporary, and in most cases they will end up arriving, sooner or later, on PC. It is important to remember that this will apply between consoles and PC, but not between consoles, that is, do not expect to see Bloodborne Remastered on Xbox Series X, and neither will Halo Infinite on PS5.

With this clear, we can continue talking about Bloodborne Remastered. As we have said it is about a remastered edition of the original that arrived in 2015. Until now the information we had was very scarce, but thanks to a new leak we can share with you new details which, frankly, we find very interesting.

Bloodborne Remastered is practically finished

It is the most important of this leak. According to the source of the news, the last round of testing has already been completed, and thanks to this it has been possible to correct practically all the errors and problems that Bloodborne Remastered presented. The debugging process is complete, and from what I could read the game’s launch is “imminent.”

If we put this in context with the previous information we see that everything fits with the idea of ​​turning Bloodborne Remastered into a launch game with which to accompany PS5 late november. I already said it at the time, for me Bloodborne was a console seller, and in this case Bloodborne Remastered may have the same impact, although it is clear that if it comes out in a PC version I will not have to get the Sony console.

The announcement of Bloodborne Remastered should come in the next few weeks, perhaps at the next Sony event dedicated to PS5, but still we do not have details about the graphical improvements it will bring. All in all, the game can be expected to run in 4K resolution and keep 60 frames per second completely stable. The quality of the textures and the graphic quality in general should also be much higher compared to the original, since in terms of performance PS5 is well above PS4.

The source of this leak suggests that the game could be locked at 60 FPS for major issues that have not yet been specified, but it makes sense, as Bloodborne had serious stuttering issues and was locked at 30 FPS.






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