Surface Duo: price and accessories of Microsoft’s mobile (And the first official video)

The price of the Surface Duo will not be suitable for tight budgets as it will rise to $ 1,400 according to the latest leaks that arrive with the accessories that will be delivered in the launch package.

We already knew almost everything about the device with which Microsoft will re-enter the smart mobile business, but we were missing an important point, its price. It won’t be cheap, although it will always depend on who you compare with. On the one hand, it will be more expensive than the top-of-the-range smartphones from Apple and Samsung and on the other it will be smaller than other foldable ones like the Galaxy Z Fold2.

The problem for Microsoft is that specs chosen for the Surface Duo correspond to previous generations and not those of a 2020 flagship.

The Snapdragon 855 is a good chipset, but Qualcomm already has two other superior SoCs on the market. The 6 Gbytes of RAM are also quite short and the same can be said of the 64 Gbytes for storage. The 3,450 mAh battery seems quite scarce, while a sound system with a mono speaker, without NFC, without 5G, without wireless charging and with quite reduced camera sensors, don’t seem like the most suitable features for a $ 1,400 smartphone.

We will wait to know the official specifications, but everything indicates that the Surface Duo will not stand out in hardware. Microsoft will have to rely on the brand image of its hardware line, design, finishes and innovative experience of using a folding.

Surface Duo price

The price of the Surface Duo could be somewhat offset by the accessories to be delivered with the terminal. The launch pack images show a special protective sleeve, a Surface Pen stylus, a USB Type-C charger, and what appears to be the Surface EarBuds.

The rest is what we knew. A folding smartphone with an independent double screen, joined by a set of hinges that will allow book-like movements of up to 360 degrees. The chassis would be finished in a magnesium alloy, a compound that Microsoft has used throughout the Surface line.

Surface Duo: price and accessories of Microsoft's mobile (And the first official video) 34

We already knew that the terminal was not going to be cheap, but 1,400 dollars is too high a price for the hardware it offers. Forecasts are that the terminal will be commercialized in this month of August. We have no confirmation from Microsoft of the Surface Duo’s price and final specs.


Microsoft Product Manager Panos Panay has posted a video showing the movement of the hinges on the Surface Duo. A short clip, but one that advances the official marketing campaign and a launch that is supposed to be imminent.






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