BioShock 4 is in development, uses the Unreal Engine 4

A job offer has allowed us to confirm some of the most important details BioShock 4, a long-awaited game that has been in development for some time and that, according to this new information, uses the graphics engine Unreal Engine 4.

That data tells us a lot with very little. The fact that we are dealing with a game that has been developed under Unreal Engine 4 means that it is almost certainly an intergenerational transition project, that is, a game that It will come to PS4 and Xbox One as well as PS5 and Xbox Series X, and obviously also on PC.

Some media think it could be a game exclusive for PS5 and Xbox Series X (and for PC), But the truth is that at the moment there is nothing official, and since it will be based on the Unreal Engine 4, that idea of ​​a generational transition game makes more sense, at least in principle.

We still have nothing concrete about its technical characteristics, so we have to wait. All in all, the Unreal Engine 4 is a graphics engine that despite having some time on it has aged quite well, thanks to the updates it has received, so in principle nothing prevents those responsible for the project from shaping a premium graphic finish, even if they have to deal with the limitations that the current generation consoles will impose.

BioShock 4: new location and deeper gameplay

We start with the localization of the game, since it is, without a doubt, one of the most important aspects. According to this BioShock 4 filtration it will not be a reboot of the franchise, And it will have nothing to do, at least directly, with Rapture, which means that it will take us to a totally new scenario.

The narrative will play a very important role in BioShock 4, and to empower it, project managers will frequently resort to kinematics and predefined (“scripted”) sequences. It seems that the development team wants to create a living world that allows the player to carry out a greater degree of interactions, where their decisions could even have a certain impact.

Regarding combat and gameplay, BioShock 4 will choose an accessible and fully satisfactory approach, but at the same time it will be deeper, thanks to a commitment to personalization and experimentation. It seems that we will see a touch of “RPG” quite marked, although without falling into complications.

In order to complete that greater depth at the playable level, in BioShock 4 we will have the possibility of develop different styles of play and to overcome specific areas and sections in very different ways. This makes me think that we will have the opportunity to resort to the purest stealth, and also to the most brutal action.

We don’t have any details yet on the possible release date for BioShock 4, but we know it’s in a relatively early stage of development, so still has a long way to go, and it may be quite a few months until we start to see the first official images.






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