Xbox Series S featured in new white controller

The Xbox Series S, the budget version of Microsoft’s next-generation consoles, has been listed on the new official white color controller. And it will be of interest to those who do not want to pay the higher price that the Xbox Series X will demand.

From the first rumors of the development of the new Microsoft consoles, there was talk of two different machines with code names “Ananconda” and “Lockhart”. The first, the most powerful and expensive, was officially announced by Microsoft as Xbox Series X and will be available next Christmas.

The second, reduced in benefits, presumably quite cheaper and with the commercial name Xbox Series S, it has not been announced or confirmed, but in the last month it has returned to the media by different leaks including a Microsoft document.

Now another comes to us. Twitter user @TinyRakan has posted images of a new controller Xbox Wireless Controller Unannounced.

It would be the white version (Robot White) of the wireless controller with a black finish announced with the Xbox Series X.

Xbox Series S

In the documentation it can be clearly read that it will be compatible with the Xbox Series S, in addition to the X, the current One and the Windows 10, iOS and Android operating systems.

Xbox Series S

Final confirmation? That seems taking into account that we are talking about an official command that has yet to be announced.

Xbox Series S, Expected Specifications

There is no confirmation of features, but the following are handled, reduced on the Xbox Series X:

  • Zen 2 CPU with 8 cores and 16 threads at 3.8 GHz (8 threads) -3.6 GHz (16 threads).
  • 10 GB of unified GDDR6 memory (7.5 GB free).
  • Radeon RDNA 2 graphics with 1,280 shaders, 80 texturing units and 32 raster units (4 TFLOPs).
  • Hardware accelerated ray tracing.
  • 500 GB SSD with a speed of 2.4 GB / s.

The economy console makes perfect sense in the strategy of Microsoft and all providers to promote their digital game distribution services, in this case the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription service with the xCloud cloud gaming service included. In fact, the user who has published the images ensures that the controller is delivered with a code for the Game Pass Ultimate subscription service.

How much will it cost? Price is a critical point on consoles. Xbox Series S is expected to be released below the $ 300 barrier. What we do not know is if the company will delay its launch so as not to cannibalize the sales of the Xbox Series X.

The risk of not doing so is starting the new generation behind the PS5 as forecasted by analysts and as has already happened with the current generation. Microsoft insisted on selling the Kinect with the console and it was a critical strategic mistake, irrecoverable ever since. Sony has doubled the sale of Microsoft consoles.







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