The Crown of Wu unveils new trailer

The Crown of Wu, the adventure, action and puzzle video game from the Spanish studio Red Mountain, today presents a new trailer that shows the advanced development it is in. The video game, which has the support of PlayStaton®Talents and the Trazos school of digital arts, and is being developed at the PlayStation®Talents Games Camp in Madrid.

The Crown of Wu

The title presents a proposal that combines a traditional aesthetic with Asian overtones and futurism, in an adventure that tells the story of Wu, a former herald of the Emperor of the Great City of Sihul who wakes up frozen after his sentence.

You can see the video in the following LINK.

Wu must collect the information provided by the inhabitants of different scenarios, who are subjected to some fearsome robots that he must face to clean his image and redeem himself from his past. Advancing through the different levels, the player will discover the story of the protagonist, helping Wu to restore balance in the Ancestral Machinery that connects the entire mineral network and thus save his world.

The Crown of Wu It is coming soon exclusively for PlayStaton®4.
For more information visit the official PlayStation®Spain Blog, the PlayStation®Talents website and The Crown of Wu.






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