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Today more than ever, employment has become one of the main priorities of our country, with a huge number of people still affected by the situation of the global pandemic. For this reason, digital portals such as LinkedIn have become one of the main focuses of interest among users.

Today we talk about ProspectIn, an interesting complement to the social network with which we can efficiently expand our network of contacts, while increasing our personal or brand awareness, ensuring our sales, or simply sharing content of interest. And is that with more than 500 million users, we should not limit ourselves only to interact with the published offers, but take advantage of 500 million opportunities.

Why automate my LinkedIn account?

Successful use of social media for corporate purposes depends on the consistency and relevance of the information you share with other people. However, we don’t always have the time, resources, or knowledge to actually achieve optimal results. That is why more and more people use tools like ProspectIn, based on a Chrome extension, with which we can fully automate our LinkedIn prospecting tasks and obtain features such as:

  • Expand your network of contacts. Reduce time on LinkedIn while expanding your reach and connecting with the right contacts. And it is that with just 15 minutes a day dedicated to this tool and the automation of our connections, we will be able to reach and secure hundreds of contacts or potential clients.
  • Create and use different campaigns, tailored to your contact list. The tool itself has a series of pre-selected templates and scenarios with proven performance, with which we can create all the necessary actions according to the final interests we want to achieve, without the need to invest additional time or effort.
  • Contact people or companies of your interest. One of the great advantages is that you can segment your search profile according to your interests, which makes it possible for your contact list to grow intelligently with those contacts that can really add value to us, or who can end up as potential customers or bidders .
  • Compare results. Monitor the performance of each action, and receive personalized recommendations from ProspectIn experts to improve your conversion rate, and see where you are compared to other users.

Save time and effort, and improve your results

The operation of ProspectIn is really simple: all actions will be performed through our own CRM (Customer Relationship Management) desktop, with a small dashboard in which we can easily view and export any message, request or search directly to our LinkedIn account, increasing the reach to our contacts and new contacts, allowing us to avoid repetitive tasks while saving an enormous amount of time.

  • Massive connection: Save the profiles that interest you to later start sending connection requests automatically and in bulk, keeping that close touch by creating personalized messages that use their names and surnames as an automatic variable.
  • Automatic profile visits: Select the types of profiles you are interested in acting on, and ProspectIn will visit the profiles one by one. The psychology of human curiosity will prompt them to view your profile in return.
  • Custom objectives: Create messages, add conditions, and adjust the delivery time between actions. You can choose different actions such as connect / visit / follow / message, delay between actions and conditions in the message like “message seen / not seen”.

Also, compared to other tools, ProspectIn searches simulate a more humane behavior in your actions, thus achieving notably better results than other automated systems, and maintaining reasonable daily use so that your account remains below the limits set by Linkedin itself, maintaining the accounts away from the risk to be restricted.

But without a doubt the best of all is that ProspectIn is available under a completely free basic version, which allows you to receive all the updates without interruption and without additional charges. In addition, we will have some subscription plans with which we can increase the functionalities of the tool.






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