PS5 Has Performance Issues – Can’t Maintain 1080p and 60 FPS in Resident Evil Village

The insider who successfully leaked a lot of information about Resident Evil Village says that PS5 it has performance issues, and quite serious. We are not exaggerating, according to this source the Sony console is suffering to move that game in 1080p resolution and maintain 60 FPS. Indeed, you have read correctly, no 4K, we are talking about resolution 1080p.

I understand that this will not appeal to die-hard fans of the Sony console, but as we have said the information comes from a reliable source and also makes a lot of sense. I’m not surprised to think that PS5 has performance issues with Resident Evil Village, after all we are talking about a new generation game than it will not come to PS4 and Xbox One, and not to PS4 Pro and Xbox One X, due to the limitations imposed by these consoles in terms of hardware.

The idea is very simple, I have already explained it to you on previous occasions. Although PS5 has more powerful hardware, new generation games are more demanding, which means that they need more resources to function optimally. It should also be taken into account that this generation has thrown a lot of dynamic resolution and rescaled resolution, thereby shaping a “false FullHD” and “false 4K” situation that will not benefit the next generation consoles at all.

Why is PS5 having performance issues?

It is very simple. The RE Engine, a graphics engine used by Resident Evil Village, can scale enormously depending on the available power. Capcom was very clear, said graphics engine is designed to take full advantage of both current generation consoles and next generation consoles, which means that it can be very demanding.

To understand it better, let’s take a look at Resident Evil 7, a game that uses the version of the RE Engine for the current generation of consoles. On PS4 it works in 1080p resolution with a very low quality setting, while on PS4 Pro the resolution goes up to 3,200 x 1,800 pixels, but it is not about native resolution, but rescaled, and the image quality of some effects, such as depth of field, noticeably worsens. Not even Xbox One X can move said game in 4K natively.

Now let’s put this in context. Resident Evil Village is a game that it can’t work well on any of those consoles, and these already had some problems to adjust the performance when moving Resident Evil 7, which means that the new installment of the well-known Capcom horror franchise is going to be very demanding, so much so that in its PC version it could mark an important leap in terms of requirements.

The source says that PS5 has performance issues to move Resident Evil Village in 1080p and maintain a stable 60 FPS, something that, however, does not happen with Xbox Series X. This also has an explanation, and it is that the Microsoft console tIt has a much more powerful GPU and stable operating frequencies. I already said it at the time, a difference of 1,000 shaders is not fixed by raising frequencies to unsustainable limits.

However, the graphics engine that Resident Evil Village uses offers a high degree of adaptation, so the source is convinced that in the end the developers they will be able to introduce the necessary changes to ensure those 1080p and 60 FPS totally stable, Although it is still curious that we are talking about PS5, a console that some took to the field of 8K resolution, and we have to stick to FullHD. It is what creating expectations without sense.

PS5 could be more expensive than Xbox Series X

PS5 Has Performance Issues - Can't Maintain 1080p and 60 FPS in Resident Evil Village 34

Among the data that this insider has provided, three other points stand out. The first is that PS5 has performance issues with cross-platform games when compared to Xbox Series X because in those cases, your SSD performance is not being used to the full, that is, because it is programmed starting from the lowest common denominator, from the slowest system.

Another important point is that, as one might imagine, lSony’s console shines in exclusive developments, since these yes they can fully exploit the potential of your SSD and complement some shortcomings thanks to its enormous transfer speed (reaches 5.5 GB / s).

Last but not least, it is rumored that PS5 will have a higher sale price than Xbox Series X. I must say that this data does not convince me, since it would be a huge skid from Sony, but seeing the confidence that the Japanese company has in its user community and in its franchises, and the aggressive strategy that Microsoft could adopt with the price of its new console, offsetting losses through the sale of games and services, I am not either I dare to discard it, really.

If this information is true, that is, if PS5 has performance problems with new generation games in 1080p I think his future would be a little on the tight rope, would be born exhausted, and that Sony would have to advance the launch of the much-rumored PS5 Pro.







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