Prime Gaming is a statement of intent from Amazon

Unexpectedly, Amazon just introduced Prime Gaming, a service that will offer free rewards to players through its game streaming portal. Although far from being a new product, it is a mere name change for the popular Twitch Prime service.

In a press release, Amazon said that Prime Gaming “bring more new content for more games than ever“, Noting the various SNK titles that have been offered to subscribers and the deals it has secured with heavyweight publishers such as Riot Games and Roblox Corporation.

However, at the moment it seems that this change does not offer any updates or changes with respect to what was offered so far, being basically the same service as Twitch Prime, with the same prices and benefits, and a subscription included for free with Amazon Prime subscription. Thus, this name change seems more aimed at noting that Amazon is ready to enter the video game sector more fully.

And it is that with a selection of services that goes from the classic Amazon Prime, to the most recent Prime Reading or Prime Video, among others, it is clear that the company is looking to take over completely the word “Prime” as one of its primary identifiers, so it is logical that, after the purchase of Twitch, it was finally decided to centralize its name a little more.

Although it is true that now its juxtaposition with Amazon Games, the branch dedicated to the development of video games such as Crucible or New World, which will continue to operate as a separate service. However, it is expected that these include some type of improvement or additional integration at the time of their retransmission through the streaming service.

Finally, it should be remembered that Amazon is also preparing for the launch of its own gaming service in the cloud, which with some details advanced during last November, now points to a close launch, possibly at the end of this year. . Unfortunately, at the moment they are only conjecture and rumors, as there is still no official announcement from the company.






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