NVIDIA to introduce GeForce RTX 30 on August 31

It’s official, NVIDIA will introduce the GeForce RTX 30 next August 31, this is what emerges from a video and a countdown that the company has just published on social networks. The countdown indicates “21 days 21 years”, a nod to the launch date of the legendary GeForce 256, considered by the company as the first GPU in the world.

Before continuing we must bear in mind that NVIDIA has several options. You could, for example, perform a simple presentation on paper of the GeForce RTX 30 on August 31, which seems quite likely to me, or I could also choose to perform a complete presentation, that is, offering all the details at the architectural level and giving launch dates and prices, which already seems less likely.

NVIDIA has not given more information, so at the moment we only have a presentation date that points to August 31, but thanks to the leaks that have occurred previously we can offer you a fairly complete summary with the most important keys of the GeForce RTX 30:

  • We’ll see a minimum of five different models: RTX 3060, RTX 3070, RTX 3080, RTX 3080 Ti, and next-gen RTX TITAN.
  • The GeForce RTX 30 will improve raw performance considerably, and could multiply the performance with ray tracing by up to four times.
  • They will have more graphics memory (up to 24 GB of GDDR6) and will support new technologies, such as NVCache, which promise to reduce load times.
  • They will be ready to work with NVIDIA DLSS 3.0 (intelligent rescaling) technology.
  • They will be more efficient in relation to performance per watt consumed.
  • They could use a dedicated ray tracing coprocessor and a new cooling system.

How much will the GeForce RTX 30 cost?

Everything indicates that in the end they will be more expensive than we imagined. Still we do not have concrete information about the selling price of these new graphics cards, but almost every source we’ve seen indicates that we’ll see a price increase similar to the one that occurred with Turing, architecture that shapes the GeForce RTX 20, and some dare to say that the price hike could be even higher.

If this is confirmed the RTX 3070 could arrive with a price of between 700 and 800 euros (The RTX 2070 hit the market with a price of 639 euros), and the RTX 3080 could around 999 euros without problem (the RTX 2080 reached the Spanish market with a price of 849 euros). NVIDIA does not intend to keep the RTX 20 series as inexpensive alternatives to the RTX 30 series, so competition from AMD and its RDNA 2 architecture could be the key to normalizing prices a bit.

The most “economical” model within the new generation of NVIDIA will, in theory, be the RTX 3060, a graphics card that it could arrive with a price of between 450 and 500 euros. We will be attentive to the next leaks to tell you all the details of this new graphics generation from NVIDIA.







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