Brydge W-Touch and W-Type bring the portable experience to Surface

While convertibles have made a huge leap toward portability, there are still many users who miss some of the PC experience. That is why we find alternatives as curious as that of the Brydge W-Touch and W-Type, two wireless peripherals that will allow us to replicate both keyboard and touchpad of laptops.

In this way, the W-Touch and W-Type seek to offer an experience quite similar to that of the Apple Magic Trackpad, this time, aimed at Windows and Microsoft Surface users.

Starting with the mouse, we find a slightly larger touch area than what we usually find in laptops, we find a completely smooth surface of 140 x 84 mm. Although it highlights that the touchpad will not be completely flat, but will have a small slope to improve its ergonomics.

In addition, the W-Touch also has some quick access features through multi-finger gestures, such as pinch to zoom and multi-finger swipe to switch desktop. Have Bluetooth 4.2 connectivity, with a battery life of up to one month per charge. Although we can also continue to use it while charging it through its USB-C port.

On the other hand, Brydge also has presented the W-Type as a direct complement to your W-Touch, a full-size wireless keyboard with aluminum accents and a full row of function keys.

The keys use a scissor mechanism and each has 2 millimeters of travel, which Brydge says is the “perfect” amount of key travel. If it looks anything like what the Surface Laptop 3 has incorporated, there are plenty of reasons to get excited. In addition, this keyboard will have connectivity support Bluetooth 5.1, that will allow us to connect it in up to four devices, allowing us to easily switch between Surface and computer.

Sharing charge with the touchpad, the W-Type will have an autonomy of up to a month, and a charging system via USB-C.

Availability and price

All these products will go on sale from August 17 on the brand’s website, with prices that will start from $ 59.99 keyboard, and that they will reach a slight price premium for the touchpad, available for $ 99.99.







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