FRITZ! AVM Mesh Set: What are the benefits?

Do you want to improve your Internet connection? You have many options to achieve it, but without a doubt one of the most interesting, and most effective, is to get the new FRITZ! Mesh Set from AVM, a kit that includes the FRITZ! Box 7530 router and the FRITZ! Repeater 1200 repeater, two next-generation solutions that have the most important advances in the sector, and that are supported by the FRITZ! OS 7.20 operating system which, as we know, is based on Linux.

With the FRITZ! AVM Mesh Set we have a high-performance Wi-Fi router and repeater combination that will allow us to create a Wi-Fi Mesh network in a way simple and safe. It’s very easy, the FRITZ! Box 7530 router establishes the Internet connection and becomes the epicenter of our network. The installation and configuration process is very simple and intuitive, and once we are done we just have to plug the FRITZ! Repeater 1200 into the socket where we want to use it and synchronize it with the FRITZ! Box 7530 at the push of a button.

That’s it, it’s that easy. With the FRITZ! AVM Mesh Set we will have created a Mesh Wi-Fi network in just a few minutes, We will enjoy a high-performance and secure Internet connection and we will have periodic updates at the operating system level that will allow us to enjoy very interesting improvements, both in terms of performance and security, as well as new functions and features.

FRITZ! AVM Mesh Set, a world of advantages

The kit allows us to create a Wi-Fi Mesh network effortlessly, with minimal investment and without having to go into complicated settings, and without specific maintenance. We can also expand our Wi-Fi Mesh network in a very simple and economical way. For example, we could add a new FRITZ! Repeater and it would be integrated almost instantly.

Within a Wi-Fi Mesh network, FRITZ! communicate with each other seamlessly, seamlessly, their settings are fully synchronized and improve the performance of the connected terminals. As we have indicated, FRITZ! AVM have the latest advances in the sector, among which we can highlight:

  • Mesh WiFi steering– This technology automatically directs Wi-Fi devices to the wireless access point with the best signal and the strongest frequency band.
  • Beamforming: with it, the antennas emit a signal in the exact direction where the terminals are located to achieve greater range and performance.
  • Crossband repeating: in this case the FRITZ! WLAN Repeater uses the wireless frequency that offers the fastest connection.

The FRITZ! AVM Mesh Set will allow us to set up a Mesh Wi-Fi network and enjoy all its advantages, But are you clear about those advantages? Well keep reading, that we are going to tell you in detail:

  • Stable, high-performance, powerful and drop-free Wi-Fi connection throughout your home.
  • It allows optimal data transfer in all corners of our home, thanks to the automatic channel selection and intelligent crossband repeating.
  • Get the maximum signal strength on all network devices thanks to Mesh WiFi steering and beamforming technologies.
  • We will enjoy excellent performance by playing streaming content in high resolution, even with multiple devices simultaneously.
  • We can easily extend the Wi-Fi Mesh network with FRITZ! Repeater repeaters or FRITZ! Powerline PLC devices.
  • The FRITZ! AVM Mesh Set is easy to set up and install, as the devices can be integrated into the home network at the push of a button.
  • We can control the Wi-Fi Mesh network through the FRITZ! Box, and effortlessly manage automatic updates for all AVM products.
  • Greater safety and protection, thanks to the factory settings for FRITZ! by AVM.
  • We will have Wi-Fi parental control functions and the option to configure schedules in a unified way.
  • We can turn to the FRITZ! Hotspot to create an additional wireless network for guests.
  • With the FRITZ! App WLAN we can see the status of our network at all times.

The FRITZ! AVM Mesh Set is, as we can see, an excellent option to create a reliable, secure and high-performance Wi-Fi Mesh network effortlessly. It is available with a price of 179.99 euros.







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