Clipboard, emojis and gifs coming together in Windows 10

Yes, I know, that thing about clipboards, emojis and gifs together sounds like a joke, like those classics of “An Englishman, a Frenchman and a Spaniard go …” or “a priest, a rabbi and an imam enter a bar … ». With one difference, and that is that in the case of jokes, the protagonists at least have one common denominator, in the case of the headline of this news, I am aware that It sounds more like one of those mindless food mixes we tried when we were kids. and that they left us with the stomach upside down … or that we still do because we love it.

And being fair, and if we continue with the analogy of the children’s recipe, I must confess that mixing clipboards, emojis and gifs It seems that it fits into the rare combination model, but once you have tried it you will keep it forever on the list of your favorite recipes, although those who have not tried it continue to look at you strangely. Of course, in this case, the authorship of the mix does not correspond to a child, but to the thinking heads of Redmond, more specifically those responsible for Windows 10.

Because, according to reports MSPowerUserAmong the novelties that can be seen in Windows 10 Insider Build 20185, the emoji selector already available in the system (by pressing the Windows and period keys) will experience a substantial improvement in future final versions of Windows, since to its current role, a selector of gif images will be attached, in the style of those that already offer multiple applications and online services and, something that I think is extremely excellent news, an expanded clipboard, which will allow us to get much more out of this tool.

And what is special about this new clipboard? Well, something that the community (well, or at least part of it) has been claiming Microsoft for decades: a multi-clipboard. Yes, you have understood correctly, and it is likely that you were very happy to know it, and it is that Windows will allow you to save several items simultaneously (up to 25) in the clipboard and, through the interface that is shown when pressing the Windows and period keys, specifically access the element that we want to use.

Until now, to be able to add multiple items to the clipboard, it was necessary to use third-party applicationsIt is that, either with a graphical interface or with a combination of keys, they allow us to select in which memory space, from the total of those available in the tool, we want to use at all times. This is undoubtedly one of those cases in which external developers have been able to take advantage of a deficiency or, rather, an element that could be improved upon in the system. It seems that, finally, Windows will have this feature natively.

As for the GIF selector, it actually has very little mystery and you can imagine how it works. It has a small text box in which you will have to write what you are looking for, and the tool will will display the results of that search on the popular Tenor service (at least in the preview version), so you can insert them where you want.

As I mentioned at the beginning, at the moment this function is only available to users who are testing the Insider Build 20185 version of Windows 10. If this is your case and you want try for yourself the good combination of emojis, gifs and clipboardsYou just have to activate it using ViveTool (here we explain how to install this tool). And, if at any time you are curious and want to know what you have to do to test the Insider versions of Windows 10, here we tell you all about them.







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