Google publishes the final beta of Android 11

From beta to beta, but from desktop to mobile: if we were talking about the public beta of macOS Big Sur a while ago, now it’s time to do so, which is scheduled to be the latest development version of Android 11, the next major update to Google’s operating system.

There have been a total of six minor updates published by Google since it announced the launch of the first beta of Android 11 at the beginning of the year, shortly before the coronavirus pandemic revolutionized the world as it could not be expected and causing some more delay than desirable . Still, the development cycle is coming to an end and this will be the last previous version, before the stable sees the light.

Android 11 Beta 3

As for the news of Android 11, they are a few and cover the main areas of the system, as you can read in the previous link, an article in which we collected everything after Google released the first beta of Android 11. The Second came very recently in comparison, a sign that development is nearing its end.

With the second beta of Android 11 we did the same, adding the novelties that were added in the time between one launch and the other, but already with the third and last beta, the addition of new features and functions has been stopped in its tracks, and it is that what prevails now is to polish and stabilize the system.

The highlight of this third beta of Android 11 is the Exposure notification system for COVID-19 alerts, «Designed in such a way that the applications that use it cannot infer the location of the device through Bluetooth scanning. To protect the user’s privacy, all other applications will continue to be prohibited from carrying out Bluetooth scans unless the device’s location settings are activated and the user has given them location permission, ”they explain in the Android developer blog.

The rest of the news of Android 11 Beta 3 are reduced to minor changes, corrections and information aimed at application developers. Are you interested in going ahead and trying it? As in the case of macOS, it is not recommended, but it is within your reach as long as you sign up for the Android beta program and, of course, you have some of the compatible devices, which at the moment are reduced to the Pixel family (from 2 to 4 XL).

The launch of the final and stable version of Android 11 expected in the fall, although knowing how the theme of updates works on Android, when it will reach your device, if it does, it is another song that, it must be mentioned, does not depend on Google.






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