The Galaxy S21 will not integrate the camera on the screen, we see why

The presentation of the Galaxy Note 20 has led us to look at the Galaxy S21, the next generation of top-of-the-range smartphones that Samsung will announce during the first quarter of 2021, specifically between the beginning and the middle of February, except last minute surprise.

The Galaxy S21 has generated great expectation not only because could bring a major renovation in terms of design, but also because it could be the first smartphone of the South Korean company to have a front camera built into the screen. Sounds good, right? This would allow to create an almost absolute all-screen finish, since the space reserved for said component, the classic floating island, would be completely eliminated and we would only have very contained edges. If Samsung also uses the Edge finish, those edges would end up being minimal.

We know that the integration of the front camera on the screen of a smartphone is possible. Oppo already showed prototypes of fully functional smartphones with this type of camera, but the image quality they present is very limited, and everything seems to indicate that it has not yet improved enough to be really viable in top-of-the-range terminals.

Galaxy S21 with in-screen camera: too many sacrifices

I think there is no better way to describe it, that’s the idea that gives us Ross Young, advisor at DSCC (Display Supply Chain Consultants). In his opinion the use of a front camera integrated in the screen of the Galaxy S21 would be a bad idea because would involve a significant sacrifice in terms of image quality, and also for all that it would entail in terms of costs and supply.

The supply of the necessary components to mount smartphones with a camera integrated in the screen is very low, and at the same time it is very expensive. We are facing two problems that are seen with absolute clarity, and that is that Samsung would have to assume a rise in the manufacturing costs of the Galaxy S21, and expose itself to a possible shortage of components.

Obvious to say that it is a risk that is certainly not worth taking, and for this reason we believe that it makes all the sense in the world to think that Samsung will not use an integrated camera on the screen in the Galaxy S21.

However, if this technology progresses as planned and the necessary improvements are introduced to increase image quality, reduce costs and optimize production we will probably see it on the Galaxy S22, whose arrival will take place in 2022.







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