Intel confirms the theme of its upcoming events: Intel DG1 and Tiger Lake

For weeks now, we had been anticipating that Intel was preparing “Something great to share” during the first week of September. However, it has been the company itself that, apparently accidentally, has revealed what the main theme of its event will be: the new Intel Tiger Lake processors. But not only that, but we could also hope a second event within this month, dated next week, and related to Intel DG1 graphics.

These confirmations come through the calendar of events on the company’s investor relations website, posted on Twitter by SteakisGood. In them, we can clearly see the confirmation that the great Intel event will be focused on the launch of its 11th generation Tiger Lake CPUs, built under a 10 nanometer architecture, and in which they will present their new Xe graphics.

In fact, the IPC-level improvement that Intel is achieving with Tiger Lake is so great that even its lower “U” series versions, running at 1.2 GHz and 3.6 GHz (in normal and turbo modes), can outperform the current Core i7 8700K. The first thing to keep in mind is that at the CPU level, the Tiger Lake will use Willow Cove cores, which translates into deep optimization at the transistor level, a 50% increase in L3 cache, reduced latencies, and AVX512 instruction support. Low consumption versions equipped with four cores and eight threads will have 12 MB of L3 cache (4 MB more than current equivalent models).

They will also be the first to have built-in support for the new Thunderbolt 4 interface, in full connectivity capability with Wi-Fi 6, Bluetooth 5.1, USB 4.0 and the possibility of mobile broadband support. All this while maintaining a minimum consumption.

So the Intel Tiger Lake is expected to be installed on the most compact motherboards ever made by Intel, which will come in handy for use in ultraportables, convertibles and 2-in-1s.

Finally, at the GPU level there will also be important changes. Intel Tiger Lake processors will be equipped with an integrated Intel Gen12 graphics unit, the same that the Santa Clara company will use in its new generation dedicated graphics cards, whose launch is scheduled for 2020.

In fact, in relation to the latter, another notable date has also been detected in the same Intel event calendar, which augurs an even closer important presentation dated for next week, August 13. In it, we can find an event called «Updates from our chief architect, Raja Koduri«. A theme that, although somewhat open to interpretation, seems to point to some advances and details about its next graphics cards, the Intel DG1 announced earlier this year at CES 2020.

And is that the Intel DG1 will be the first Intel dedicated graphics in 20 years, the product of the ambitious strategy started with the signing of Koduri himself, former head of AMD’s Radeon Technologies group.

Definitely Intel is in a rather complex position right now, losing more and more ground to its main competitor. Although with this new generation of components, it seems that not only wants to regain ground, but seeks to be an alternative to NVIDIA and AMD in all segments of the graphics market. Can your hardware and software measure up? And more decisive for users Will Intel keep its prices?






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