Android apps on Windows 10 will greatly improve their integration, but …

Microsoft has just announced a new compilation of Windows 10 on the Insider channel and of all the news that it anticipates, there is one that promises to be a great little revolution: the integration of Android applications in Windows 10, which goes far beyond what we had seen so far.

If you use Your Phone to integrate Android in Windows 10, you know that this utility has not stopped improving since Microsoft introduced it in its operating system, and it is that for lack of bread, read a Windows Phone as such, good are cakes, which would be the equivalent of an Android microsphized to the extreme.

Thus, the You Phone function that allows you to mirroring with Android apps on Windows 10, is on the way to being refined to offer a truly useful experience. How will they do it? Treating Android applications, if not as first class citizens, as the closest thing to that, as detailed in the Official Announcement of Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 20185.

Broadly speaking, once you have integrated your Android phone into Windows 10 you can access all your mobile applications through Your Phone, run them in your own window, pin them in the panel or in the start menu to launch them quickly … And not one by one, but as many as you want to use simultaneously.

Basically, the integration of Android apps in Windows 10 will work very similar to how progressive web apps do: They are not native applications, but they will appear; With the exception that in this case you are ‘re-transmitting’ them from your phone … And here comes the jug of cold water for many.

And is that not all phones will support this functionality. The requirements for this improvement of the integration between Android and Windows 10 include Windows 10 October 2018 Update or higher, the Your Phone application and a terminal with Android 9.0 or higher compatible with the latest version of Link to Windows and the function of mirroring.

The list of compatible devices can be see in this link, although it is reduced to thirty different models of Samsung galaxy, including some that have just been introduced, such as the Galaxy Note 20 and Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. Microsoft says it is working with Samsung to bring the functionality to other terminals of the brand, but in no case will it come soon.

According to what they comment, this symbiosis between Android and Windows 10 will materialize towards the end of the year, and even then it will not be as polished as expected, since there are applications that do not work as desired or that do not even work. In the meantime, only the boldest Insider with the right gadgets will get a glimpse of it.






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