‘The Boys’ return on September 4 with its second season

Amazon Prime Video released The Boys a little over a year ago and the series took little time to become one of the most viewed on the platform, as well as one of the most acclaimed last summer, not because it received any award, but because of the warmth of the public, that the elevated to low intensity phenomenon. That is, we are not much less before a Game of Thrones , not even before a Stranger things; But what Amazon has gotten is what comes closest to it.

Thus, it was expected that a second season of The Boys It would come sooner rather than later, and if it has been delayed any longer than is desirable, it is undoubtedly due to the calamity caused by the coronavirus. But we will not have to wait much longer to enjoy this panda of crazy antiheroes again, because their return already has a release date: it will be from next September 4 when we can enjoy new adventures, it seems, as hilarious and bloody as they used to.

Of course, Amazon will only publish on September 4 the first three chapters of the second season of The Boys. The rest will be falling weekly until the party ends on October 9 … and the third season of the series, which has already been confirmed by the platform. In other words, the return of The Boys It looks like it will be very short again. But perhaps therein lies its virtue.

Why The Boys It is a series that does not stand out for its dramatic quality -although the cast is excellent-, a story based on a brilliantly spun comic -although it has original points- or a staging never seen before -although they have managed to give it a touch of its own that shows – but because it is fresh and entertaining, of those that are seen from the pull. The Boys It is, in fact, one of the series that we recommended last year and if you have seen it, you will already know why.

And it is that only for characters such as Billy Butcher, played by the solid Karl Urban, or Homelander (Patriot in his translation into Spanish), who gives life to the surprising Antony Starr, it is worth sitting in front of the screen . Extravagant humor and ultraviolence are other essential ingredients to make this meatloaf worth a good bite.






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